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InsideFMM | August 1, 2015

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Reputation: The ‘It’ Factor For a Company’s Success

11/25/2012 |

At FMM, it’s no secret that we value the importance of digital advocacy at companies. But how can we present the case for digital to those who haven’t hopped on board yet? Cue analytics and predicted models.

At the recent L2 Innovation Forum in New York, Director for the Center of Business Analytics at NYU Stern, Vasant Dhar, discussed how things have changed in the last ten years with the way companies interact with consumers. Moreover, there have been major shifts in how consumers participate in the design of the product.
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Going Solo: How Living Alone Is Breeding Enlightened Consumers

11/16/2012 |

Earlier this year, The Atlantic published an article that asked, “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?” The title was attention getting right? That, coupled with the commentary about the negative effects of social technology on brain, led me to think about how technology would affect societal breakdowns ??– impacting the ways in which we live and beginning to alter our cultural values.
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Prada Creates Experiential Project with Il Palazzo

11/14/2012 |

Prada intrigued us with the 24hour Museum event, then they asked us to seek comfort in alternative forms of therapy. Now, they’re tapping into our aspirations and desire once more. Prada has now launched “Il Palazzo”, a multi-platform, experiential project in collaboration with fashion illustrator Richard Haines and spot director and producer James Lima.
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5 Digital Marketing Strategies from WWD Digital Forum

10/25/2012 |

At the WWD Digital Forum Fall Conference, top digital marketing masterminds shared their insights into leveraging social and digital platforms to enhance the consumer experience behind some of our favorite luxury brands. Below are a few of FMM’s top five highlights:
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ALDO Launches Immersive Brand Experience For Fans

10/09/2012 | 1

ALDO Group partners with social platform BumeBox to create interactive content site for consumers to celebrate its 40th anniversary

ALDO Group, one of the leading fashion shoe retailers in the world, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. To continue its innovative use of social technologies, ALDO has now leveraged BumeBox, a real-time digital experience platform, to socialize an immersive content hub for consumers, brand enthusiasts and fashion industry insiders.
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20 Fashion & Lifestyle Brand Channels On YouTube To Follow

08/20/2012 | 2

As you learned in The Complete Guide To YouTube, in many cases, while viral is good because of its reach, not every brand wants to incorporate elements of viral videos into their brand message. An effective, well-executed video strategy does not need to reach a million people or more to be considered successful, it simply needs to reach its target demographic and effectively communicate its brand message.
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The DNA of Luxury: Defining Desire With Consumers

08/14/2012 |

To create aspiration, we often hear “luxury” associated with many products and brands. Luxury cars. Luxury vacations. Luxury shoes. Marketers seemingly hope that this elevation into “luxury” maintains recession-proof sales. But what exactly does it mean to be a luxury brand? How do we create luxury? And what must it include (or not include) for the consumer?
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MR PORTER Creates Connective Consumer Experiences

07/31/2012 |

MR PORTER is one of the strongest examples of a online luxury retailer focusing on consumer experience when it comes to marketing to affluent customers online. MR PORTER has developed a comprehensive strategy for it’s branded content. MR PORTER is leveraging an episodic approach to it’s branded content
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