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InsideFMM | July 31, 2015

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Social Commerce

13 Startups Changing Lifestyle Through Discovery & Curation

12/15/2012 | 21

Originally published in February 2012, we’ve reposted because it’s so relevant to the start of 2013.

In 2010, branded content was one of the largest trends among retailers and brands. In 2011, branded content shifted to branded entertainment and social shopping via Kaboodle, Polyvore and ShopStyle. Now, in 2012, it’s content cultivation and aggregation. From creative uses of Pinterest to Instragram’s API, brands are now enthralled with the consumer obsession of curation.
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Marc Jacobs Launches New Luxury, E-Commerce Experience

11/19/2012 | 3

As eCommerce continues to disrupt luxury brands, Marc Jacobs makes another play as a luxury brand to watch with their digital marketing. Today, the brand has launched a new website with a companion mobile site, even further spiffed up with over the top social sharing to your favorite curation sites, PayPal integration and shipping to Canada.
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REVIEW: Tip or Skip, Social Fashion App with Game Features

10/16/2012 |

The writers of FMM love our mobile apps. So of course, when something new comes through our inbox that not only gives us an excuse to play with our iPhone, we have to play with it. This week, we’re looking at Tip or Skip.

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Yoox & PPR Take Sergio Rossi Online, Isaac Mizrahi Augments Reality + New Fashion Books!

09/29/2012 |

Sergio Rossi Launches Its New Worldwide Online Store

Sergio Rossi’s has entered the digital age with the launch of The new website’s design reflects the brand’s iconic Front Stage/Back Stage concept developed for the Sergio Rossi stores. The new online store will launch in 100 countries worldwide and a Chinese version of will be unveiled by the end of 2013.

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Beta Beat: 5 Platforms and Apps We’re Watching

09/27/2012 | 4

A love of all things digital and social courses through the veins of every writer and creative that’s a part of FMM. We’d rather be rocking the Mashable House at SXSW than the runways of New York. You could never take tech away from us. That being said, there are five new platforms and apps that have us basking in their social decadence. Here they are:
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5 Ways Fashion Bloggers Can Monetize Their Closets

06/26/2012 | 1

Five great ways that fashion #bloggers can make money from their closets using social commerce.

A constant buzzword among fashion bloggers is monetize. Monetize event hosting, monetize posts and monetize giveaways. Now new social technologies from some of our favorite startups are making it possible for fashion bloggers to continue to share their stories while selling the luxury items inside their closets. We’ve rounded-up our top five startups changing the way we sell and shop our favorite pieces. fashion blogger make money
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Lyst launches Sale Alerts for Pinterest

05/25/2012 | 2 commerce platform,, launches a new tool which lets users receive instant notifications whenever any items in their Pinterest boards go on sale.

Once a user connects their Pinterest account to Lyst (at, they will receive instant sale alerts on all the products they have ‘pinned’ or ‘repinned’ from the hundreds of fashion retailers that Lyst partners with around the world. In addition, when a user ‘pins’ an item from a store, Lyst will tell them if it’s available elsewhere.
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Digital Trends For Brands, Execs and Agencies To Watch

04/30/2012 | 9

Founded in 1987, South By Southwest (SXSW) began as a festival focused on music. In 1994, it added film and multimedia components. In 2011, it added fashion with the adoption of Style X (pronounced “style by”), a fashion trade show and event, to the conference’s calendar. For the city of Austin, Texas, SXSW is the highest revenue-producing special event for the local economy, with an estimated economic impact of $167 million in 2011. This year, the conference featured digital trends and technology that directly focused on retailers utilizing social media and commerce as part of their online marketing strategy.
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