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InsideFMM | July 31, 2015

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TECH TREND: Will Wearable Computers Replace Smartphones?

06/11/2012 |

Tech experts predict that wearable computers are the next big trend for mobile devices. What is the fashion industry going to do about it?

wearable computers fashionYes, your smartphone is cool, but it’s about to be replaced with something cooler. Tech companies are scrambling to come up with the next amazing mobile device, and the word on the street is that it’s going to be wearable.
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As Mobile Video Grows, So Do Video Sharing Apps

05/22/2012 | 1

Content strategist Sudha Thakur reports on the rise in mobile video and video sharing apps for smartphones.

mobile video sharing appsSmartphones are everywhere. A report from the Pew Internet Project states that more than 50 percent of people in the U.S. own a smartphone, which may be the primary device for web access as early as 2013. Flurry Analytics reported that the fastest growing app categories are photo and video sharing at 89 percent, measured in minutes spent per active user. Also, mobile video app consumption has increased by 52 percent and online video consumption has decreased by 10 percent since March 2011.

A smartphone is not bought for making and receiving calls: it is used for everything from surfing the web to watching videos to getting directions. Soon people will spend the majority of their time on mobiles, and one day they will start using their mobile devices in place of computers for everything they do online.

More people watch videos on mobile devices every day

Almost half of the time after six o’clock p.m. is being spent watching online videos, according to the NielsenWire. People who commute long distances love to watch videos on their phones relaxing in their cabs or trains. Organizations are gradually switching to digital marketing, and videos are an important part of any digital strategy. The growth of online video has also increased the growth of video sharing tools as a way to market products and services.

Video sharing apps gaining popularity

Video sharing apps like Thwapr, Viddy, Magisto and SocialCam are all video sharing apps with editing and mass sharing capabilities. These apps not only help you capture a video but let you edit and share great video content among friends, all from your phone, without touching a computer. In addition, these apps are user-friendly and make the process of sharing custom videos hassle-free, as most of them come with inbuilt tools for editing and adding special effects to the videos.

Zuckerberg’s doing it

mobile video sharing apps

Mashable reported that Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg signed up for Viddy, a video-sharing mobile app. Zuckerberg uploaded a video of his dog (which is small, white and poofy, btw – MD). The fact is that this video sharing app is adding between 300,000 and 1 million users a day.

What about YouTube?

Video sharing apps are almost on the verge of cannibalizing video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Thwapr, a video monetizing platform that I work for, recently got an offer of partnering with MSG Varsity to provide mobile video services for its video content. The brand chose Thwapr’s SMS video subscription model to provide its fans with high quality content on a regular basis. Thwapr’s ‘Share to Phone’ button is being used by many websites, so that the browsers may share the videos on their phone or to any phone, without much hassle.

Will apps surpass video sharing websites as the go-to video portals for online content? Only time will tell.

About the Author: Sudha Thakur is a content curator who has written on a wide variety of topics including VOIP technology, social media marketing, mobile video sharing, website development methodologies and latest gadget reviews. Right now she is working as a content strategist for Thwapr, a mobile media sharing technology.

Video: How To Identify Digital and Tech Trends

05/11/2012 |

Video: How Wired magazine identifies digital and tech trends

video wired magazine trendsThere are so many amazing conferences these days that it’s impossible to attend every one. So far this year, there’s been SXSW, Innovation Summit, Mashable Connect, Lucky FABB and “Disruptive by Design,” Wired magazine’s first-ever conference, held in New York City on May 1. The publication “gathered a dynamic audience of today’s thought-leaders for groundbreaking discussions on disruptive business practices, ideas, and innovations.”
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Sephora Unveils New Digital Strategy with Full Social Integration

05/10/2012 | 1

Sephora launches The New Face of Sephora, a new personalized online and mobile experience with full social and in-store integration.

Sephora has given itself a make-over. A social and mobile makeover, that is. Sephora’s website now features an entirely new personalized online experience, mobile website, iPhone app and iOS devices in more than 100 stores. Sephora is also one of the first retail brands to fully integrate with Pinterest, adding “Pin It” buttons to every product and brand page.

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TV Viewers Earn Real-World Rewards with Viggle Check-ins

05/10/2012 |

Viggle, an iOS social rewards mobile app, uses new technology to verify that users are watching the TV shows they check into.

viggle mobile checkin social rewardsLast year, Get Glue made social rewards for mobile check-ins popular, pioneering check-ins to entertainment properties like TV shows, movies, books, music and brand topics. Users earn stickers similar to Foursquare badges for checking into entertainment properties, with top brand ambassadors earning “guru” status and sometimes merchandise or gift certificates. In addition, many retailers offered discounts for Get Glue check-ins. Not only does Get Glue drive social engagement, it also drives retail sales for HBO, The Gap and Old Navy.
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ARworks Creates Augmented Reality Fashion Show

04/30/2012 |

ARworks has created an augmented reality fashion show for Vodafone. The telecom company chose designers featured at a Gombold Újra fashion show, and 11 designers have pieces displayed in augmented reality display accessible via a QR code with the AR browser Junaio. You can see the entire process unfold in the video below.
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CityMaps Expands Mobile Consumer Shopping Guides to San Francisco & Austin, TX

04/25/2012 |

Last year, we raved about CityMaps launching interactive consumer shopping guides in New York City. To start Q1 of 2012 off right, CityMaps announced the next version of the website, a new iOS app and expanded local coverage that includes New York City, San Francisco and Austin. From deals at local bistros to “Angela” taking us shopping at her favorite BCBG store, the consumer shopping guides for the Bay Area and home of South by Southwest (SXSW) are sure to please all its users.
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10 Digital Marketing Trends For Fashion, Luxury and Retail

04/23/2012 | 5

Instagram photo by @mollieinseattle

Every year, the editors of FMM learn valuable lessons that inform our digital strategies for the coming year at our Innovation Summit. This year’s event was no exception.
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