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InsideFMM | May 30, 2015

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Prada Creates Experiential Project with Il Palazzo

11/14/2012 |

Prada intrigued us with the 24hour Museum event, then they asked us to seek comfort in alternative forms of therapy. Now, they’re tapping into our aspirations and desire once more. Prada has now launched “Il Palazzo”, a multi-platform, experiential project in collaboration with fashion illustrator Richard Haines and spot director and producer James Lima.
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3.1 Phillip Lim Launches ‘Agent 3.1’ Mobile App

10/16/2012 |

3.1 Phillip Lim has launched ‘Agent 3.1,’ a new mobile application using image recognition technology to coincide with the launch of ‘Kill The Night,’ the brand’s Fall 2012 Comic Book, their first graphic novel.

Agent 3.1 leverages branded entertainment for engagement

The goal of the Kill The Night campaign is to connect users to the printed world with its digital world, a marketing trend most recently in my piece on the consumer experience economy. In the case of ‘Kill The Night’, everyone who has a printed copy of the comic book (sign up online to get one) can download the app and use their mobile camera as a magnifying glass over the pages to lead to locked content, our online shop, and special competitions (which the brand debuted with Refinery29 for Fashion’s Night Out). The application is available as a free download on iTunes and Google Play.

How to use it:

  1. Use the camera within the app to rollover AGENT 3.1 enabled printed 3.1 Phillip Lim materials.
  2. AGENT 3.1 recognizes the things in print and links you to a corresponding mobile page.
  3. You can gain additional access to exclusive content, secret items, product knowledge, designer inspiration, behind the scenes access, shopping looks and links to special offers
  4. You can also share it via Facebook and Twitter and join the online discussion.
  5. Tweet, pin, post or share your favorite content with the hashtag #KillTheNight in order to win a $3,000 shopping spree.

The mobile app was created in collaboration with King & Partners using Mobile Acuity’s patented image recognition technology. We have created a mobile visual search application that bridges the gap
between offline and online media by linking printed material and objects to digital content, social media, e-commerce and marketing activity.

“Our technology helps 3.1 Phillip Lim truly bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds and, in particular, to link this with content, social media and commerce. The Agent 3.1 enables Phillip Lim’s Clients to read the magazine then quickly and easily access hidden content and features, share this with their friends and be able to purchase the products – straight from the pages of the printed comic book on impulse. The application is completely Phillip Lim branded and eliminates the need for any ugly visual cues, such as QR codes” said Mark Noë, CEO of Mobile Acuity.

A spokesperson for 3.1 Phillip Lim shared inspiration behind the program:

MW: When it came to all your choices for branded content, why did you choose a graphic novel? What this a medium that you thought would provide deeper engagement with and hold the attention of current or would be customers?

PL: It was purely based on the inspiration for the Fall 2012 season – Phillip was inspired by superhero’s and neo-noir comic book heroines living all around us – the comic book seemed like a fun and inclusive way to explore this concept further, enabling us to showcase the product in an innovative way.

MW: Are there plans to continue graphic novels as a content medium?

PL: There are no plans for a second installment at this stage – however ‘Agent 3.1’ the app will certainly feature in future campaigns and initiatives – we are really excited about its applications in the future. The Possibilities are really changing the way we can look at overall communications and engagement.

MW: Can you share an insights to date? Mobile downloads? Social shares of content to social networks?

PL: We have had over 1000 downloads of the app and the number of shares of content on social media networks really surpassed our expectations – it has really been a lesson in the benefits of engagement and keeping your followers excited about what you are providing them

You can view Kill The Night directly online here: Kill The Night. You can follow them on Twitter: @31philliplim or on Instagram: @31philliplim.

REVIEW: Tip or Skip, Social Fashion App with Game Features

10/16/2012 |

The writers of FMM love our mobile apps. So of course, when something new comes through our inbox that not only gives us an excuse to play with our iPhone, we have to play with it. This week, we’re looking at Tip or Skip.

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Ahalife & Dwell, Mulu.Me & Ashley Greene and

10/16/2012 |

Dwell and Ahalife Continues To Roll Out eCommerce Initiatives

Dwell Media and have launched their much anticipated collection. The feature on the Ahalife site allows design seekers to shop monthly editorial content as well as archival content from Dwell on one platform. “Our goal is to help consumers around the world discover and purchase the amazing products featured in Dwell’s monthly magazine,” said Founder and CEO Shauna Mei.
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Beta Beat: 5 Platforms and Apps We’re Watching

09/27/2012 | 4

A love of all things digital and social courses through the veins of every writer and creative that’s a part of FMM. We’d rather be rocking the Mashable House at SXSW than the runways of New York. You could never take tech away from us. That being said, there are five new platforms and apps that have us basking in their social decadence. Here they are:
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The Evolution of Mobile Photo Sharing Apps

09/18/2012 |

Smartphones have changed the way that we share our lives with friends, colleagues, family and the world at large. Built-in camera phones make anytime, anywhere photography easy and convenient, and social networks make sharing these of-the-moment snapshots easier than ever before.
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How-To: Master The Art of The Instragram Follow

08/13/2012 | 2
Individual personalities are amassing cult followings on Instragram. Many in the fashion world are wondering just how to do that – acquire and keep – Instagram followers.

With over 46,000 Instagram followers, Milysan Troche of MyHauteCloset.comis known as one of Instagram’s most popular fashion-forward ladies to follow. But before Milysan created MyHauteCloset, she was a fashion blogger who gained a following on Instagram by posting images of her fashion-forward outfits.
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Going Mobile on No Budget

07/03/2012 | 2

Going mobile on no budget, because we all know the ad spend is tied up in print and events!

As part of our Silicon Valley Beach Fest panel this weekend, we also took a moment to dive into mobile. As we know, launching apps is expensive.
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