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InsideFMM | July 28, 2015

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Reputation: The ‘It’ Factor For a Company’s Success

11/25/2012 |

At FMM, it’s no secret that we value the importance of digital advocacy at companies. But how can we present the case for digital to those who haven’t hopped on board yet? Cue analytics and predicted models.

At the recent L2 Innovation Forum in New York, Director for the Center of Business Analytics at NYU Stern, Vasant Dhar, discussed how things have changed in the last ten years with the way companies interact with consumers. Moreover, there have been major shifts in how consumers participate in the design of the product.
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Pholiofy Makes Facebook Publishing Easy For Bloggers, Brands & Businesses

11/15/2012 | 1


Let’s face it, brands and retailers want to seriously up their marketing results from Facebook, but two things stand in their way.

Cost: Facebook Development can, and usually does, cost as much as redesigning a whole new site. The free or low cost apps are okay, but not stellar.
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Beta Beat: 5 Platforms and Apps We’re Watching

09/27/2012 | 4

A love of all things digital and social courses through the veins of every writer and creative that’s a part of FMM. We’d rather be rocking the Mashable House at SXSW than the runways of New York. You could never take tech away from us. That being said, there are five new platforms and apps that have us basking in their social decadence. Here they are:
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ALDO Celebrates 40th Anniversary; Encourages Fans To Share Shoe Moments

09/24/2012 |

If you’ve been following on twitter, you’ve seen we’re up to some amazing thing with one of favorite brands – ALDO – again. This time, it’s for their 40th Anniversary. To start, ALDO has launched (powered by Bumebox) for 40 days of festivities and kick off the celebrations with an amazing contest for male and female fans.
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The Essence of a Brand

06/13/2012 | 3

Sometimes, great information has more of an impact when visually articulated than when simply written. Last week, I was speaking with John Caswell of Group Partners, right after our review of “Luxury As Lifestyle Business Model.” I asked him for a better definition and articulation of a brand’s essence. He pointed to me to the work of Gad Romann. With such a poignant, clear definition, we wanted to make it visually stunning as well. Enjoy.
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How Luxury Hotels Manage Digital Marketing In-House

05/17/2012 |

Independent luxury hotels can manage digital marketing in-house with buuteeq, a digital marketing system designed for hotels.

buuteeq luxury hotel digital marketingSmall businesses can get overwhelmed by digital marketing, which is certainly a full-time job. Agencies are not cheap to retain, but marketing a small business well takes talent, time and dedication. It’s not the DIY project that most people think that it should be. Unless you’re a luxury hotel, that is.
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Dolce & Gabanna Launches Official YouTube Channel

05/16/2012 |

Dolce & Gabbana announces the launch of its new official YouTube channel.

dolce gabanna youtube channel
Get ready for unlimited video inspiration from a premiere Italian fashion brand. The new official Dolce & Gabbana YouTube channel epitomizes the soul of the brand and entertains viewers with stunning cinematography and, most importantly, sublime fashion. The channel depicts the look and feel of the Dolce & Gabbana world with its sleek aesthetic in organic, beautiful environments.
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Kate Spade New York Launches Fathom Travel Site

05/11/2012 | 2

kate spade new york partners with Fathom for city guides that offer travel recommendations for cities around the world.

What’s better than a really great travel blog? A really great travel blog with style. Now, in addition to Louis Vitton’s City Guides, kate spade new york has partnered with Fathom, a delightful, immaculately-curated travel guide, to launch its own city guides for New York, London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and Tahiti. As someone who’s traveled to three out of the five locales, the recommendations are impeccable.
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