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InsideFMM | August 3, 2015

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Interview: I Left Estee Lauder for an Equestrian Life

12/20/2012 |

In 2009, Tricia Meteer was laid off from her executive job at Estee Lauder Corporation. With her severance, she’s decided to follow the dream she’d subconsciously been manifesting and became a equestrian and wedding photographer. And she’s been following her passion ever since.
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The Everygirl Goes Inside Publisher Macala Wright’s Life

10/17/2012 |

It’s been a big year for FMM. I wouldn’t even begin to write it because it would be longer than any post presently published here!

I will say that we all come to have crossroads in our lives, places where the path we’re on forks once more, and we have to choose which way to go. At some point in our lives, we have to stop taking the detours and stick to the more permanent part of the trail.
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15 Ideas on Luxury & Innovation from L2 Think Tank

01/31/2012 | 1

For the past year, I’ve enjoyed attending the L2 Think Tank session via Fora.TV. Whether a half a day or a full day, the session delivers so much information and so many thought-provoking ideas that your head will hurt in delightful ways as your mind is processing the knowledge you gain.
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Reality Chic Interviews Macala Wright On Blogging + Following Your Passion

12/20/2011 | 2

by Reality Chic Interview Erin Flynn on December 20, 2011

Name: Macala Wright

Job: Lifestyle Marketing Expert, Retail Business Journalist

Age: 31

Industry: Lifestyle, Entertainment and Technology

Twitter or Facebook: @Macala + @InsideFMM
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Inside The Influencer Project: Bloggers We Love

12/07/2011 | 2

We love bloggers, we started as bloggers and became a media group. So while working in Las Vegas this past August, we took the time to steal some very fun video with the girls that where part of MAGIC this year. We hope you enjoy!
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Saks Fifth Avenue’s Eric Jennings On Reviewing New Design Talent

09/12/2011 |

Thousands of emerging-to-established designers pitch their collections to Eric Jennings, VP and fashion director of menswear of Saks Fifth Avenue, hoping to earn coveted hanger real estate in one of his 45 stores. Of those thousands of pitches, Eric can only count on one hand the number of vendors he planned to visit at MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas—three, to be exact.
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INTERVIEW: Melissa Gonzalez Of Lion’esque Style + RS POP Shop

08/16/2011 |

We were web surfing the other day when we found this feature on Melissa Gonzales at Lifestyle + Charity. You know we have a soft spot for anything to do with fashion + philanthropy. And a pop up shop is involved? We simply had to learn more. So, we did.
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Interview With Micol Zanzuri: Feed Your Style & Find Your Grace

07/14/2011 |

Micol ZOne of our favorite hobbies at FMM is discovering new blogs – especially the ones that focus around fashion, beauty and lifestyle. We’ve totally fallen in love with the DIY fashion scene. So, you can imagine how excited we were to find Micol Zanzuri’s blog, Feed Your Style.
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