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InsideFMM | May 29, 2015

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13 Startups Changing Lifestyle Through Discovery & Curation

12/15/2012 | 21

Originally published in February 2012, we’ve reposted because it’s so relevant to the start of 2013.

In 2010, branded content was one of the largest trends among retailers and brands. In 2011, branded content shifted to branded entertainment and social shopping via Kaboodle, Polyvore and ShopStyle. Now, in 2012, it’s content cultivation and aggregation. From creative uses of Pinterest to Instragram’s API, brands are now enthralled with the consumer obsession of curation.
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The Psychology Behind The Rise Of Microblogging

12/14/2012 | 15

Anyone who has been online for the last few years has noticed a remarkable shift away from busy, poorly designed websites and communities; and towards streamlined, almost minimalist sites and applications. While we are undeniably more digital than ever, it seems that we are taking a step back — not to move backward, but to regroup, realign and refine our online experiences as we move forward.
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5 Digital Marketing Strategies from WWD Digital Forum

10/25/2012 |

At the WWD Digital Forum Fall Conference, top digital marketing masterminds shared their insights into leveraging social and digital platforms to enhance the consumer experience behind some of our favorite luxury brands. Below are a few of FMM’s top five highlights:
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ALDO Wants To Know Your Fashion Faux Pas

10/01/2012 | 1


Remember tearaway pants? Headband-to-toe neon? Asymmetrical haircuts? Share photographic evidence of your favorite sartorial mistake, whether it’s a trend you swear was cool or an item you should never, ever have worn. We’ve all done it.
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ALDO Celebrates 40th Anniversary; Encourages Fans To Share Shoe Moments

09/24/2012 |

If you’ve been following on twitter, you’ve seen we’re up to some amazing thing with one of favorite brands – ALDO – again. This time, it’s for their 40th Anniversary. To start, ALDO has launched (powered by Bumebox) for 40 days of festivities and kick off the celebrations with an amazing contest for male and female fans.
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How-To: Master The Art of The Instragram Follow

08/13/2012 | 2
Individual personalities are amassing cult followings on Instragram. Many in the fashion world are wondering just how to do that – acquire and keep – Instagram followers.

With over 46,000 Instagram followers, Milysan Troche of MyHauteCloset.comis known as one of Instagram’s most popular fashion-forward ladies to follow. But before Milysan created MyHauteCloset, she was a fashion blogger who gained a following on Instagram by posting images of her fashion-forward outfits.
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Quiksilver Leverages Social Media For Social Good

08/01/2012 |

Social responsibility, good and initiatives are at the top of most brands minds these days. Why? Because how a brand gives back what they get is becoming the barrier to entry into consumer consciousness.

Most recently, Huntington Beach-based Quiksilver Women’s has harnessed the power of social media to crowdsource a powerful celebration for their brand ambassador, Stephanie Gilmore.
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Going Mobile on No Budget

07/03/2012 | 2

Going mobile on no budget, because we all know the ad spend is tied up in print and events!

As part of our Silicon Valley Beach Fest panel this weekend, we also took a moment to dive into mobile. As we know, launching apps is expensive.
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