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InsideFMM | August 3, 2015

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CityMaps Expands Mobile Consumer Shopping Guides to San Francisco & Austin, TX

04/25/2012 |

Last year, we raved about CityMaps launching interactive consumer shopping guides in New York City. To start Q1 of 2012 off right, CityMaps announced the next version of the website, a new iOS app and expanded local coverage that includes New York City, San Francisco and Austin. From deals at local bistros to “Angela” taking us shopping at her favorite BCBG store, the consumer shopping guides for the Bay Area and home of South by Southwest (SXSW) are sure to please all its users.
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MOBILE APP: Broadcast Your Daily Itinerary With Forecast

08/12/2011 |

Forecast mobile appCountless mobile apps are launched daily; it’s really hard for a digital girl to keep up sometimes. That’s why I rely on my tech-savvy friends to help me scope out the best new gadgets and applications.

When Sarah Conley (@StyleIT), the first person I followed on Twitter after I set up my account back in 2008, sent me an invitation to Forecast, I knew it was worth checking out.
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08/04/2011 | 1

With mobile phones in our pockets, in our handbags or wherever else is convenient, we know that location based marketing is the way of the future. So, we get excited when we see innovative ways to connect with our favorite local haunts or find new places to explore. When shopping is involved, we’re even more excited. So, we think it’s pretty smart that hopes to take people’s location based interests and turn them into positive experiences for both retailers and consumers.
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Foursquare Just Got A Little Glitzier Thanks To David Yurman

07/05/2011 |

David Yurman, the high-end jewelry brand, is now on Foursquare. In addition to their growing Facebook and Twitter channels, David Yurman is reaching out to fans, providing insider tips about the luxury brand at their boutique on Madison Avenue as well as at popular retailer locations including Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus. David Yurman is also happy to hear from users about their favorite items, looks and hot-spots near boutiques. Soon, the Yurmans will add their own tips about New York City.
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Discover Foursquare’s BFF, Scoville

07/01/2011 |

Currently in beta, Scoville is an application that can help you make the most of your Foursquare experience. The idea started with #toptuesday, where friends would share their favorite places with each other so that during the week and weekend, they could discover new places to enjoy.
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Nordstrom Gets Digital: Mobile Check-Out, Geolocation & Apps

06/22/2011 | 1

Large retailers continue down the digital path, making the customer’s shopping experience easy and hassle free. Most recently, one of our favorite retailers, Nordstrom, has enabled mobile checkout in their retail locations. According to Nordstrom, approximately 5,000 mobile checkout devices will be rolled out to their stores, helping to grow the technology aspect of the company.
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Foursquare Lends Status & Honor In Southeast Asia

05/30/2011 |

The mobile app that we all know and love, Foursquare, is the next big thing in Southeast Asia. The location-based mobile app takes exploring cities to a new, exciting and interesting level, and the people of Southeast Asia have recognized this.
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Fashism Loves Foursquare

04/07/2011 |

It’s only been about six months since Fashism released its first app, but along with spring, Fashism 2.0 — with geolocation capabilities — has arrived. The newest version of the fashion mobile app integrates Foursquare Read More