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InsideFMM | August 3, 2015

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The Psychology Behind The Rise Of Microblogging

12/14/2012 | 15

Anyone who has been online for the last few years has noticed a remarkable shift away from busy, poorly designed websites and communities; and towards streamlined, almost minimalist sites and applications. While we are undeniably more digital than ever, it seems that we are taking a step back — not to move backward, but to regroup, realign and refine our online experiences as we move forward.
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Blue Nile Celebrates The Extraordinary Holiday

11/26/2012 |

The online jewelry retailer launches The Extraordinary Days of Christmas holiday campaign in order to connect with customers

Holiday campaigns are off to an epic start, from Starbucks and NARS to conscious consumption with Holstee’s Block Friday, retailers are getting creative with their social media campaigns this season. Today, Blue Nile has launched an interactive game on Facebook for the holidays called The Extraordinary Days of Christmas.
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Pholiofy Makes Facebook Publishing Easy For Bloggers, Brands & Businesses

11/15/2012 | 1


Let’s face it, brands and retailers want to seriously up their marketing results from Facebook, but two things stand in their way.

Cost: Facebook Development can, and usually does, cost as much as redesigning a whole new site. The free or low cost apps are okay, but not stellar.
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It’s Holiday: NARS Goes Warhol, IKEA Celebrates Brilliantly, Starbucks Rekindles Relationships

11/14/2012 | 1

NARS Launches Andy Warhol Collections, Targets Facebook Community

To celebrate the creativity of the NARS Andy Warhol Holiday 2012 Collection, NARS has launched a new Facebook application that allows beauty fans to achieve their very own “15 minutes” of fame by making over their Facebook Profile and Cover photos. The makeover application allows users to snap instant photos or select existing shots from their desktop or Facebook album to be transformed into a unique cover photo. Fans can select from one of four designs, with alternating color schemes inspired by the Holiday collection.
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Quiksilver Leverages Social Media For Social Good

08/01/2012 |

Social responsibility, good and initiatives are at the top of most brands minds these days. Why? Because how a brand gives back what they get is becoming the barrier to entry into consumer consciousness.

Most recently, Huntington Beach-based Quiksilver Women’s has harnessed the power of social media to crowdsource a powerful celebration for their brand ambassador, Stephanie Gilmore.
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American Eagle Launches #LiveYourLife Campaign

06/30/2012 | 1

American Eagle has launched a campaign targeted to its Gen Y consumers entitled “Live Your Life.” The contest applies game mechanics in a non-virtual environment, complete with vote aggregation that levels up each week, and calls for competition between schools and other classmates for those who participate. The American Eagle campaign shows marketers that keeping it simple and engaging is the best way to social campaign success.

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Strategy: How To Create Social Content That Sticks

06/29/2012 | 4

Silicon Beach geniuses spill their fashion marketing secrets

On Saturday, Pose, StyleSaint, Who What Wear, Simply Stylist, BeachMint and WHY THIS WAY gathered for the Silicon Beach Fest to talk to Los Angeles creatives and techies wanting to know how West Coast-based fashion companies use content in social media marketing.
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Asana Makes Online Project Management Simple

05/21/2012 |

Asana software makes online project management simple for teams in different locations.

asana project management softwareMany of you know just how complicated managing projects can be. Some people don’t read e-mails, a client changes their mind about which platforms you’re going to be using, one writer drops out, another writer joins and you’ve got to ping people before they’re supposed to deliver to make sure they’re going to complete their tasks on time. Sometimes you have to call. That’s why project management is a full-time job.

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