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InsideFMM | August 2, 2015

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Branded Entertainment

The 10 Best Fashion, Luxury & Interior Brand Blogs of 2011 & 2012

11/04/2012 | 13

For our annual review of brand blogs, this year, we’ve expanded past fashion to include our favorite luxury and home interior and design blogs. We hope you enjoy the list.

Hermès Paris Mon Ami

For a luxury brand attempting to make the most of digital, I don’t think anyone gives Hermès enough credit. Since 2010, the brand that has said it will never give way to “masstige” has been applying that principle to its online marketing, leveraging video, street style photography, emerging online fashion influencers and customer content.
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3.1 Phillip Lim Launches ‘Agent 3.1’ Mobile App

10/16/2012 |

3.1 Phillip Lim has launched ‘Agent 3.1,’ a new mobile application using image recognition technology to coincide with the launch of ‘Kill The Night,’ the brand’s Fall 2012 Comic Book, their first graphic novel.

Agent 3.1 leverages branded entertainment for engagement

The goal of the Kill The Night campaign is to connect users to the printed world with its digital world, a marketing trend most recently in my piece on the consumer experience economy. In the case of ‘Kill The Night’, everyone who has a printed copy of the comic book (sign up online to get one) can download the app and use their mobile camera as a magnifying glass over the pages to lead to locked content, our online shop, and special competitions (which the brand debuted with Refinery29 for Fashion’s Night Out). The application is available as a free download on iTunes and Google Play.

How to use it:

  1. Use the camera within the app to rollover AGENT 3.1 enabled printed 3.1 Phillip Lim materials.
  2. AGENT 3.1 recognizes the things in print and links you to a corresponding mobile page.
  3. You can gain additional access to exclusive content, secret items, product knowledge, designer inspiration, behind the scenes access, shopping looks and links to special offers
  4. You can also share it via Facebook and Twitter and join the online discussion.
  5. Tweet, pin, post or share your favorite content with the hashtag #KillTheNight in order to win a $3,000 shopping spree.

The mobile app was created in collaboration with King & Partners using Mobile Acuity’s patented image recognition technology. We have created a mobile visual search application that bridges the gap
between offline and online media by linking printed material and objects to digital content, social media, e-commerce and marketing activity.

“Our technology helps 3.1 Phillip Lim truly bridge the gap between the offline and online worlds and, in particular, to link this with content, social media and commerce. The Agent 3.1 enables Phillip Lim’s Clients to read the magazine then quickly and easily access hidden content and features, share this with their friends and be able to purchase the products – straight from the pages of the printed comic book on impulse. The application is completely Phillip Lim branded and eliminates the need for any ugly visual cues, such as QR codes” said Mark Noë, CEO of Mobile Acuity.

A spokesperson for 3.1 Phillip Lim shared inspiration behind the program:

MW: When it came to all your choices for branded content, why did you choose a graphic novel? What this a medium that you thought would provide deeper engagement with and hold the attention of current or would be customers?

PL: It was purely based on the inspiration for the Fall 2012 season – Phillip was inspired by superhero’s and neo-noir comic book heroines living all around us – the comic book seemed like a fun and inclusive way to explore this concept further, enabling us to showcase the product in an innovative way.

MW: Are there plans to continue graphic novels as a content medium?

PL: There are no plans for a second installment at this stage – however ‘Agent 3.1’ the app will certainly feature in future campaigns and initiatives – we are really excited about its applications in the future. The Possibilities are really changing the way we can look at overall communications and engagement.

MW: Can you share an insights to date? Mobile downloads? Social shares of content to social networks?

PL: We have had over 1000 downloads of the app and the number of shares of content on social media networks really surpassed our expectations – it has really been a lesson in the benefits of engagement and keeping your followers excited about what you are providing them

You can view Kill The Night directly online here: Kill The Night. You can follow them on Twitter: @31philliplim or on Instagram: @31philliplim.

ALDO Launches Immersive Brand Experience For Fans

10/09/2012 | 1

ALDO Group partners with social platform BumeBox to create interactive content site for consumers to celebrate its 40th anniversary

ALDO Group, one of the leading fashion shoe retailers in the world, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. To continue its innovative use of social technologies, ALDO has now leveraged BumeBox, a real-time digital experience platform, to socialize an immersive content hub for consumers, brand enthusiasts and fashion industry insiders.
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MR PORTER Creates Connective Consumer Experiences

07/31/2012 |

MR PORTER is one of the strongest examples of a online luxury retailer focusing on consumer experience when it comes to marketing to affluent customers online. MR PORTER has developed a comprehensive strategy for it’s branded content. MR PORTER is leveraging an episodic approach to it’s branded content
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Branded Content: Marks & Spencer, Louis Vuitton’s NOWNESS, Nina Garcia Gets AOL Series

05/01/2012 | 1

NOWNESS launches Chinese version of content site has launched a Chinese-language version of its unique editorial platform, giving Chinese consumers and luxury enthusiasts a new way to experience high-end lifestyle and to engage with luxury brands online.
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Thinkmodo: Viral Video Masterminds

03/07/2012 |

James Percelay always wanted a career where he could say, “kids, don’t try this at home.” He’s finally arrived.

Percelay, the outrageous marketing mastermind behind Thinkmodo, uses the convergence of the Internet and television as his professional playground. At a recent Lucid NYC meet-up, Percelay discussed how he creates viral videos for clients in an unconventional fashion.
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Project Ethos Launches Web Series For Emerging Arts

02/16/2012 |

Since 2005, the Project Ethos platform has primarily been live events – a fashion show, concert and art gallery all under one roof, in one night. Attendees have flocked to a fresh experience while participants received the tools they needed – unique innovation that put fashion, music, art, buyers, media and the public in the same room for the first time ever.
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13 Brilliant Fashion & Luxury Brand Videos Of 2011

01/10/2012 | 4

Fashion’s foray into online video was spectacular in 2011, and it is only going to get better this year. Video is a medium that most brands understand given its proximity to film.

The challenge will lie in creating content to fit the medium and engage online audiences. But have no fear, I think this is a challenge that most lifestyle brands are going to be able to tackle with great success.
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