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InsideFMM | July 29, 2015

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Augmented Reality

Zugara Launches World’s 1st Augmented Reality Ecommerce Platform Module

08/01/2012 | 2

While the editors of FMM have failed to impressed by QR Codes, we’re still unbelievably hopeful about the power of Augmented Reality as it relates to consumer experience.

Two weeks ago, Zugara, one of the industry’s leading Los Angeles-based augmented reality firms, has turned their award winning online merchandising software, The Webcam Social Shopper (WSS) into an official module for PrestaShop’s apparel merchants worldwide. PrestaShop is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms in the world (with over 127,000 stores and counting), and the launch of “WSS For PrestaShop” marks the first time any ecommerce platform has offered an augmented reality (AR) module to its e-tailers.
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MR PORTER Creates Connective Consumer Experiences

07/31/2012 |

MR PORTER is one of the strongest examples of a online luxury retailer focusing on consumer experience when it comes to marketing to affluent customers online. MR PORTER has developed a comprehensive strategy for it’s branded content. MR PORTER is leveraging an episodic approach to it’s branded content
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ARworks Creates Augmented Reality Fashion Show

04/30/2012 |

ARworks has created an augmented reality fashion show for Vodafone. The telecom company chose designers featured at a Gombold Újra fashion show, and 11 designers have pieces displayed in augmented reality display accessible via a QR code with the AR browser Junaio. You can see the entire process unfold in the video below.
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Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Leverages Augmented Reality To Launch Fragrance

02/06/2012 | 1

Is it me, or has Macy’s digital marketing been pretty cool lately? I mean, hipper than that killer HGTV inside look at what it takes to decorate the Macy’s New York store at Christmas COOL?

Since augmented reality seems to be the topic of the month, we’ve found another fragrance launch for you leveraging the cutting edge technology. Wonderstruck Taylor Swift has launched a Team Wonderstruck Tumblr designed with a theme by From Me To You in order start seeding buzz about the international one week tweetstakes and augmented reality campaign that launches for the Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Fragrance, Sunday, February 5th, 2012.
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FMM’s Outlook on Mobile Augmented Reality

01/16/2012 | 5

Mobile marketing is one of the hottest topics for brands, retailers and e-tailers these days, especially when it comes to consumer engagement and sales. The editors of FMM ended 2011 with a three-part series on the history and future of mobile marketing, then broke down the four steps to developing a successful mobile strategy and concluded with why retail needs mobile shopping apps.
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How Video Games Will Change Fashion

12/07/2011 | 8

This story isn’t really about video games. It’s a glimpse inside FMM’s crystal ball, a sneak preview of how digital technology will continue to change how we experience fashion.

For the past several months, we’ve been keeping you posted on how the latest digital technology is revolutionizing the way that fashion appears in the media and even in stores–everything from QR codes to augmented reality to holographic runway shows.
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Virtual Fitting: Another Piece Of The Future Of Online Shopping

07/29/2011 | 3

With a growing buzz surrounding online gaming, mobile technology and augmented reality, we know that the future of e-commerce is bound to be more fun and realistic than ever. With a push for modern consumer personalization, we’re not surprised to see start-ups like Los Angeles-based Styku cropping up.
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Fashism Loves Foursquare

04/07/2011 |

It’s only been about six months since Fashism released its first app, but along with spring, Fashism 2.0 — with geolocation capabilities — has arrived. The newest version of the fashion mobile app integrates Foursquare Read More