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InsideFMM | July 29, 2015

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Licensing Luxury: Jil Sander Partners With LG to Expand Lifestyle Brand

10/12/2011 | 1

In collaboration (aka very cool licensing agreement) with LG Electronics, Jill Sander, the German fashion house has decided to take a step into the lifestyle brand arena by launching its first mobile phone design.

Running on Windows Phone 7.5, the latest smartphone OS by Microsoft, the Jil Sander Mobile include a 3.8 touchscreen, 5 MP camera with auto focus and LED flash, HD video at 720p, WiFi and a digital compass.
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Case Study: The Stylish Girl + Gretchy International Mobile Pop Up Shop

10/06/2011 | 5

On July 30th, 2011 Toronto-based STYLISH GIRL, virtual closet and fashion app, partnered with Columbus, Ohio-based GRETCHY, a members-only online retailer, for discounted designer dresses and “trade-ins” to create a 36-hour sale that featured a limited quantity of current season designer dresses at sample sale prices by brands like Diane Von Furstenberg, Emilio Pucci, Herve Leger, M Missoni, Elizabeth & James and 3.1 Phillip Lim. GRETCHY leveraged the STYLISH GIRL virtual closet platform for the mobile pop up. Users had to download STYLISH GIRL Version 2.6 and sign up for alerts.
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03/16/2011 | 3

We’ve been hooked on Bluefly Closet Confessions since its inception and we’re beyond impressed by Moxsie’s use of Badgeville for its #Buyerchat series, so naturally we’re excited that Bluefly has partnered with Badgeville to stake its claim as the Read More

ShopStyle’s Must-Have NYFW Mobile App

02/09/2011 |

New York Fashion Week is going a little more geek chic in 2011!

ShopStyle, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week’s first mobile app partner, launched a must-have fashion app that will make your New York Fashion Week experience that much more fashionable and informative. Whether you’re watching from front row or from the comfort of your own home, the free ShopStyle Mobile’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week App will help you navigate your way through NYFW.

mobile app fashion

ShopStyle Mobile’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week App Features

  • Exclusive event coverage provided by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
  • Up-to-date time and location details for all runway shows
  • Designer profiles: detailed bios, Facebook, Twitter and website links
  • Runway photos and daily photos from inside the tents
  • Up-to-the-minute runway news
  • Industry news

We think this is an especially useful tool for our fashion blogger friends (like the Tumblr stars and IFB members) who need a resource that can provide schedules, directions, fast facts and quick links to help them obtain and upload their content to the web in a timely manner.

Download The App For Free

The ShopStyle Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week App can be downloaded on all mobile devices at  iPhone and iPad users can download the app via the iTunes App Store at

Live Life With Luck: Long Live Lucky

02/04/2011 | 5

fashion shopping magsGuest Post By Kylee Decker

Long Live Lucky!

After reading about new Lucky editor, Brandon Holley’s plans to breathe fresh life back into the magazine, I realized that I hadn’t picked up an issue in a while. Not because I don’t enjoy it anymore or because I’d noticed changes that don’t suit my taste… In fact, I couldn’t pinpoint a reason other than I subscribe to so many magazines that my subscription to Lucky had apparently lapsed and I hadn’t renewed it nor added it to my pack of gum, Smartwater and bananas in the grocery line out of fear that I would get home to find it in my mailbox. My lack of reading was really due to laziness, forgetfulness and worry that I would end up with multiple issues.

I was bummed to read about Lucky’s slump in newsstand sales and ad pages, so I decided that I’d better pick up an issue to see if I’d missed something on my short hiatus. When I grabbed the February issue off the Target magazine rack, my heart almost hurt to see how small it was. February may not be a huge month for fashion, but the thought of my favorite magazine hurting hurt me!

I felt it was my responsibility as a reader, fashion enthusiast and avid shopper to think of some ideas to refresh my beloved title. I hope you’ll help me in my quest!

Readers and site visitors are looking for an experience beyond what the static pages can offer. Lucky needs to find ways to extend itself as a trusted friend. Somebody you’d want to ask, “Do you like this? Should I get it?” And somebody who will give you an answer. Not the flaky friend or the one who tells you that everything looks great… but the one whose genuine opinion matters.

fashion shopping magazine

Here area few of my ideas:

Social Channels:

My immediate general observation is the lack of mentions or ties to Twitter or Facebook. In fact, I did not see a single logo for either. And when I visited, I expected those icons to be readily accessible with minimal scrolling for quick and easy connecting. Not only did I have to scroll to find a Twitter or Facebook mention, but I couldn’t be linked within one click to either. Bummer.

“American consumers now expect to find and follow businesses on the Web beyond their corporate website,” according to research released by 1&1 Internet Inc., a global leader amongst web hosts.

I add this stat, not as a “no-duh,” but more of a reminder that social channels are no longer a nice-to-have even for brands… they’re a must-have.

My Recommendation: With the print piece as a hub, use QR codes to not only drive traffic to engaging video content, but also to promote connection and interaction in the social space.  Engaging with Lucky readers on Facebook or Twitter could be as easy as taking a photo using a tag reader.

Even an address or call out on the masthead would be helpful. That was actually the first thing I looked for on that page, only to be let down. The Twitter feed @luckymagazine is great, but it could be used for so much more!

fashion magazines on twitter

Twitter Idea: The one thing I love Lucky for is that the styling and products were more attainable for me over other fashion titles like Vogue or even InStyle. They even do an under $100 issue every year that becomes my guide for months! This February issue has a range of price points, but a lot of what they feature is still aspirational for me. I just can’t afford $300 dresses on a regular basis… especially if it’s something trendy that might only last me a season or two.

Some of my favorite articles and columns to read are in the vein of, “The Look for Less.” Stylists and photographers create such beautiful looks, but I can’t afford to spend half a month’s salary to recreate them… which is why I love it when they give me tips to putting it together myself with like pieces on my budget. In fact, I read celebrity magazines for the very purpose of attempting to recreate their looks.

So why not have a Twitter handle staffed by Lucky team members, relevant bloggers, and style experts that is solely for the purpose of helping readers put together looks they love inside the magazine on their own budgets? I’ve always wanted to create a site that would comb the internet for less-costly alternatives of designer items. In this case, style experts could be on hand to help them do just that. Or better yet, why not put the Lucky Locator on Twitter and arm them with related pieces at different price points?

Social Shopping:

The way we shop is being shaped by several factors including friends, magazines and technology. We’re able to connect with one another more easily, making shopping more social. Collective buying sites like Groupon or Living Social offer deals that require a set amount of interest before they can be purchased. And sites like Polyvore or Fashism let users build outfits to share in the interest of soliciting positive endorsements from friends and even strangers!

Many of us wouldn’t dare leave the mall or house with an outfit that hadn’t been approved by someone. How many times have we asked one another, “Does this look ok?” Whether or not they are honest is another story. The point is; our style is often a combination of personalities and preferences.

My Recommendation: Ask for more reader feedback on what to feature in the magazine or even partner with one of these sites to include a “Reader’s Pick” section. People love giving opinions and this would be a great way to appeal to that! ModCloth is one of my very favorite sites and their Be The Buyer section lets shoppers choose styles to be sold on their site. Why couldn’t Lucky have a Be The Editor Section?

The Stickers:

I can’t lie. I don’t use these. I’m not a page tagger; I’m more of a tearer-outer. I sometimes even organize them into a lookbook of sorts that I can reference when I’m on the hunt for a certain look or outfit. With my love for magazines, I would also be digging out of my room everyday with the piles of magazines that would accumulate if I kept full issues to look back at again.

My Recommendation: Make the concept of the stickers more interactive. I get a lot of my ideas from magazines and if there happens to be something in my budget, I will absolutely go look for that exact item. In addition to offering text to buy, why not have a  text to shopping list? There could even be Lucky Alerts that trigger a reminder when I’m within 5 miles of a retailer that carries that item. I’m not likely to pull the trigger on beauty products or clothes that I haven’t tried on, so sending me a reminder of something I liked and where it can be purchased would be HUGE for me.

The Good:

There are also some amazing things that Lucky is starting to do!

Fashion & Beauty Blogger Conference: What a terrific idea! It’s a win-win situation with bloggers being able to get hands on advice and knowledge from insiders at such a respected and fun magazine, and Lucky gets to interact with its readers that are passionate about their content to hear what inspires them! I love it and am so glad that there are more planned. I think it will only mean good things for the magazine and the peons from the fashion writing world like me!

A Giveaway A Day in March: Typical entry into these types of giveaways include sending an email or entering a form. This round, Lucky is asking for interactions via Twitter, Facebook and even Tumblr for entries! I think it’s a great way to get readers used to interacting with them through these channels.

The App: Lucky’s mobile app allows users to search for staff-recommended pieces. I’d love to see Lucky tie this content to the magazine even more… maybe offering alternative pieces in different price points for those items featured in the magazine.

mobile shopping app

What would you like to see from your favorite shopping magazine? Let’s give them some ideas that will put them back on top!


I realize that Lucky hasn’t always included celebrities and artists within their pages for reasons that I’m not completely sure of. Too aspirational? I noticed a few more celebrities than usual in this February issue, but I think that not only would the magazine benefit from a tie to pop culture, but there are a ton of celebrities with an amazing eye for style. Like I said, style searching is the main reason that I read those rags.

I was thrilled to see an actual article on cover girl Nicole Richie! An actual article, not just a quick blurb. She has great personal style and her own line, which makes her perfect for the magazine!

My Recommendation: Create some deeper ties to pop culture throughout the magazine. Maybe it’s featuring a certain celebrity or TV show and how fashion helps shape its story. And it doesn’t always have to be the obvious choices like Gossip Girl or Mad Men. Maybe Alyson Hannigan’s character on How I Met Your Mother? She has great style! Readers could vote on who they’d like to see featured. It could be tied to to shop her style.

I like hearing style secrets from young professionals and bloggers, but ties to pop culture have more mass appeal.

What would your recommendations for a magazine like Lucky who is trying to survive the digital age?

About the Author: Kylee Decker is a Social Media Strategist by by trade; lover of style and the business of fashion by passion. She shares her opinions on style and experiences with social media on Twitter at @kyleedecker and on her blog at

2DGO: A 2D Barcode Reader Assistant Bridging The Gap

02/03/2011 |

barcode mobileThe designer of the True Blood QR code ad, Warbasse Design, has launched the 2D Barcode Reader Assistant.  This free text-engine delivery system and mobile application provides approved 2D Barcode Readers to the user based on the user’s handset or by code

Philip Warbasse, Art Director/Developer at Warbasse Design, states, “For a couple of years now, I have noticed one of the top questions that people ask is ‘What is the best reader for my phone.’”

barcode mobile phone

Bridging The Gap

If lack of information about Barcode Readers is the main reason people are not embracing the enhanced retail experience available through QR codes, Warbasse is meeting a need through its new technology.

While some consumers are not yet aware of the promise that QR codes hold for the future, we think they will soon.  After all, brands are already creating QR codes with the consumer in mind.

Download the 2DGO mobile application for free on your smartphone here:

Papierdoll Launches Android Apps

01/02/2011 |

fashion news app

Papierdoll, the well curated online fashion news magazine that you all know and love, has launched some helpful apps for Android.

Crave your fashion news fix, but are always on the go?  Then you will love the Papierdoll Fashion Headlines App.  It’s perfect for those who thirst for a thoughtful and elegant approach to understanding style and the fashion industry.

shopping app

Papierdoll is also the creator of the Thriftychick Discount-Coupon Shopping App.  This mobile app allows users to search for coupons for their favorite brands and retailers.  This user-friendly app is frequently updated (just about every day), so you can snag the deals you want whenever you need them.

Download Papierdoll’s apps for free at the Android Market.

The Scoop: The New York Times’ App Guide To NYC

12/24/2010 |

The Scoop: An app from the New York TimesIf you’re like us and love reading up on culture and food from the New York Times, then you might like The Scoop — a guide to NYC that compiles your favorite writers ‘ recommendations (from critics like Sam Sifton, Pete Wells, Steven Stern and Oliver Strand) all into one app.

This app helps you find restaurants, cafes, concerts, and stores when you’re out and about in New York City and need some advice on where to go –  incredibly useful whether you’re a resident of NYC or just visiting.

And, if you’re big information addicts like us, then it’s fun to compare the reviews on the app with your own experiences.

I tried The Scoop app for myself, and overall, I liked it and will definitely use it on my next trip to NYC.  It’s not the most thorough guide, but it is handy and the selections are well curated.

The Pros? The Scoop is a well designed and well curated app that picks the cream of the crop when it comes to shopping, restaurants and events.  If you’re a New York Times reader who shares their sense of taste, then you’ll like the shops and places they recommend.