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InsideFMM | July 29, 2015

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Video Marketing and Transmedia

5 Digital Marketing Strategies from WWD Digital Forum

10/25/2012 |

At the WWD Digital Forum Fall Conference, top digital marketing masterminds shared their insights into leveraging social and digital platforms to enhance the consumer experience behind some of our favorite luxury brands. Below are a few of FMM’s top five highlights:
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20 Fashion & Lifestyle Brand Channels On YouTube To Follow

08/20/2012 | 2

As you learned in The Complete Guide To YouTube, in many cases, while viral is good because of its reach, not every brand wants to incorporate elements of viral videos into their brand message. An effective, well-executed video strategy does not need to reach a million people or more to be considered successful, it simply needs to reach its target demographic and effectively communicate its brand message.
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The Case for Partnerships: How to Share Stories and Expand Reach

07/29/2012 |

While looking for the right digital partner, it’s important to forge a mutually beneficial relationship. With the right collaboration, both brands can elevate their stories while expanding their audience. Today’s consumer seeks savvy content in a saturated market, and Verve Management CEO Ryan Kristopher said now’s the perfect time for creativity. FMM sat down with Ryan to discuss his recent case study (his partnership with stylist Chesley Tolentino and creating a new “Fashion Fridays” video series) and his advice for brands leveraging partnerships in the digital space.
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Beauty Industry Leaders Offer Digital Strategy Tips

06/28/2012 |

#Beauty industry leaders offer digital strategy tips at #WWDBeauty on

I can’t hide it any longer–I’m a conference nerd. I love to attend events that feature industry experts speaking on topics that interest me, especially digital. Our industry moves so quickly that there is no book that captures the essence of what’s happening: by the time the book is published, it’s out of date. To get the most current information on digital strategy, you must watch industry leaders speaking on current topics.
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Beauty Vloggers Elle and Blair Fowler Plan Cosmetics Line

06/16/2012 |

YouTube beauty vloggers Elle and Blair Fowler announce Skylark cosmetic line, available in September.

beauty vlogger fowler cosmetics line

The new cosmetic line created by YouTube beauty vloggers Elle and Blair Fowler, “Skylark by Elle and Blair,” was announced Thursday and has generated huge WOM buzz from their highly-engaged fan base.
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Burberry Fall Campaign Focuses on Brand Context

06/04/2012 | 2

Burberry’s Multi-Part Video Campaign For Fall Aims To Give Context To Their Brand’s Essence Digitally

Fashion brands and retailers have watched Burberry’s rise to digital greatness with envy and awe. Last week, the brand created a series of ‘story telling’ videos which aim to give context to the clothing and collection for the first time. According to Burberry, “it was the brand’s largest shoot production; approached on a cinematic scale.”
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Fashion Film Continues Rise As Storytelling Medium

06/04/2012 |

Fashion films are continuing their rise as a digital storytelling medium, both for eCommerce and social marketing content. Here are our favorite finds on Vimeo and Youtube last week.

Can you imagine Saturday in Paris? “Isabelle wakes up to sun pouring in through the shutters and sounds of chatter from the cafes below. Today she’ll indulge in the city’s streets, sounds, smells and shops before tonight’s celebrations–her favorite way to spend a birthday.Trendland and Modewalk have partnered to bring shoppers a series of beautifully produced fashion films that tell multi-retailer stories through the point of view and lifestyle of the woman who wears the designers.
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As Mobile Video Grows, So Do Video Sharing Apps

05/22/2012 | 1

Content strategist Sudha Thakur reports on the rise in mobile video and video sharing apps for smartphones.

mobile video sharing appsSmartphones are everywhere. A report from the Pew Internet Project states that more than 50 percent of people in the U.S. own a smartphone, which may be the primary device for web access as early as 2013. Flurry Analytics reported that the fastest growing app categories are photo and video sharing at 89 percent, measured in minutes spent per active user. Also, mobile video app consumption has increased by 52 percent and online video consumption has decreased by 10 percent since March 2011.

A smartphone is not bought for making and receiving calls: it is used for everything from surfing the web to watching videos to getting directions. Soon people will spend the majority of their time on mobiles, and one day they will start using their mobile devices in place of computers for everything they do online.

More people watch videos on mobile devices every day

Almost half of the time after six o’clock p.m. is being spent watching online videos, according to the NielsenWire. People who commute long distances love to watch videos on their phones relaxing in their cabs or trains. Organizations are gradually switching to digital marketing, and videos are an important part of any digital strategy. The growth of online video has also increased the growth of video sharing tools as a way to market products and services.

Video sharing apps gaining popularity

Video sharing apps like Thwapr, Viddy, Magisto and SocialCam are all video sharing apps with editing and mass sharing capabilities. These apps not only help you capture a video but let you edit and share great video content among friends, all from your phone, without touching a computer. In addition, these apps are user-friendly and make the process of sharing custom videos hassle-free, as most of them come with inbuilt tools for editing and adding special effects to the videos.

Zuckerberg’s doing it

mobile video sharing apps

Mashable reported that Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg signed up for Viddy, a video-sharing mobile app. Zuckerberg uploaded a video of his dog (which is small, white and poofy, btw – MD). The fact is that this video sharing app is adding between 300,000 and 1 million users a day.

What about YouTube?

Video sharing apps are almost on the verge of cannibalizing video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Thwapr, a video monetizing platform that I work for, recently got an offer of partnering with MSG Varsity to provide mobile video services for its video content. The brand chose Thwapr’s SMS video subscription model to provide its fans with high quality content on a regular basis. Thwapr’s ‘Share to Phone’ button is being used by many websites, so that the browsers may share the videos on their phone or to any phone, without much hassle.

Will apps surpass video sharing websites as the go-to video portals for online content? Only time will tell.

About the Author: Sudha Thakur is a content curator who has written on a wide variety of topics including VOIP technology, social media marketing, mobile video sharing, website development methodologies and latest gadget reviews. Right now she is working as a content strategist for Thwapr, a mobile media sharing technology.