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InsideFMM | July 31, 2015

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The Psychology Behind The Rise Of Microblogging

12/14/2012 | 15

Anyone who has been online for the last few years has noticed a remarkable shift away from busy, poorly designed websites and communities; and towards streamlined, almost minimalist sites and applications. While we are undeniably more digital than ever, it seems that we are taking a step back — not to move backward, but to regroup, realign and refine our online experiences as we move forward.
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Blue Nile Celebrates The Extraordinary Holiday

11/26/2012 |

The online jewelry retailer launches The Extraordinary Days of Christmas holiday campaign in order to connect with customers

Holiday campaigns are off to an epic start, from Starbucks and NARS to conscious consumption with Holstee’s Block Friday, retailers are getting creative with their social media campaigns this season. Today, Blue Nile has launched an interactive game on Facebook for the holidays called The Extraordinary Days of Christmas.
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Reputation: The ‘It’ Factor For a Company’s Success

11/25/2012 |

At FMM, it’s no secret that we value the importance of digital advocacy at companies. But how can we present the case for digital to those who haven’t hopped on board yet? Cue analytics and predicted models.

At the recent L2 Innovation Forum in New York, Director for the Center of Business Analytics at NYU Stern, Vasant Dhar, discussed how things have changed in the last ten years with the way companies interact with consumers. Moreover, there have been major shifts in how consumers participate in the design of the product.
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RADAR: Event Organization with

11/20/2012 | 1

Every year there are countless fashion shows held across the world, and one thing they all have in common is seating their guests. Last week, I visited, a wedding planning software. After demoing the technology, I immediately thought of fashion week, instantly seeing how Allseated could possible work with Fashion GPS or other fashion week planing services. This new website allows users to create their seating charts online instead of using a non-traveling seating chart.
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Inside Montreal & ALDO’s 40th Anniversary

11/06/2012 |

The InsideFMM team traveled north to Montreal, Canada where Aldo kicked-off its 40th anniversary celebration. In addition to celebrating its newest flagship

store on the Ste-Catherine Street, we got a private tour of Aldo’s spacious (and we mean spacious!) HQ and learned the creative process behind developing its product. Oh, and two words: Shoe. Closet.
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Failure To Innovate

11/05/2012 |

Failing to innovate is like failing to launch. We just can’t get off the ground.

We have good intentions.

We have lofty ideas.

We have a grand vision.

We’re excited.

We excited everyone around us.
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11/05/2012 | launches; targeting middle-aged women, the ‘forgotten’ online market

I love it when I stumble across amazingly intelligent women with dynamic personalities, business acumen and stories worth telling. Well everyone, I’d like you to meet Halsey Meyer Schroeder. She’s daughter of Jack Meyer of Convexity Capital Management and the founder of A recent graduate of Harvard Business School, Schroeder noticed that many of the online retailers out there largely target twenty-somethings and, with the exception of a few sites like Net-A-Porter, very few targeted women moving into the best years of their lives.
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Leveraging Digital Subculture To Track Gen Y Consumer Trends

10/24/2012 | 1

Digital tracking is my job as a forecaster, as well as monitoring the movement of each subculture and the sources that influence them. I find that most of my time is spent analyzing the movement of these subcultures from a digital point-of-view. Understanding these digital subculture groups and focusing on every aspect of their lifestyle includes monitoring their digital engagement with music, brands, events and followers. Fashion is a form of identity; through digital tracking of the American subcultures we have found the trends-to-watch.
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