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InsideFMM | July 29, 2015

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Social Good and Corporate Responsibility

Quiksilver Leverages Social Media For Social Good

08/01/2012 |

Social responsibility, good and initiatives are at the top of most brands minds these days. Why? Because how a brand gives back what they get is becoming the barrier to entry into consumer consciousness.

Most recently, Huntington Beach-based Quiksilver Women’s has harnessed the power of social media to crowdsource a powerful celebration for their brand ambassador, Stephanie Gilmore.
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Mulu to Give Away Tickets to London SWATH Premiere

05/02/2012 |

By now, you must have noticed our obsession with the upcoming Universal Pictures release Snow White and the Huntsman. If not, you should really visit our Inside Snow White Storify page and our Pinterest board. The film has a lush, decadent style that’s absolutely captivating.
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Supporting Small Business Brings Big Success

04/04/2012 |

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than 27 million small businesses are currently operating in the U.S. Large corporate entities such as American Express, Sam’s Club, UPS, Wells Fargo and Southwest Airlines know the importance and economic impact the smaller companies have on their bottom line. It’s why all of them focus their marketing efforts around building up small businesses, who happen to be their core customers as well.
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Bonobos Teams with NBA Star for Online Pop-up Shop

03/30/2012 |

Bonobos NBA Pop-up ShopMen’s apparel etailer Bonobos has partnered with three-time NBA All-Star and Olympic gold medalist Deron Williams for a social good initiative–the Deron Williams Cyber Pop-Up Shop. Curated by Willimas himself, the online pop-up collaboration is the first of its kind for the professional basketball player and the men’s apparel brand, with 20 percent of the proceeds to be donated by Bonobos to Williams’ Point of Hope foundation.
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Social Good: Spread Love, Start with Mama

02/10/2012 | 2
Mama Lucy wanted to make the world a better place and she saw an opportunity to do it on Mother’s Day. According to the website, $14.6B is spent annually on Mother’s Day in the U.S. alone. Mama Lucy saw that revenue and posed this important question: what if we invested that love to make the world a better place for mamas and children everywhere?

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Autism Speaks Leverages Fashion and Music For Awareness Campaign

02/09/2012 |

SheKnows – one of the top three online destinations for women – is proud to kick off their 2012 charity campaign, “SheKnows Where The Other Sock Went” .

They are joining forces with Project Runway All Stars designer Michael Costello and six-time Grammy Award-winning music legend Toni Braxton to raise awareness and funds for Autism Speaks, the world’s largest autism and science advocacy organization. Autism Speaks is an organization near and dear to Toni’s heart since her youngest son’s 2003 diagnosis and for which she is spokesperson.
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Five Holiday Gifts with Social Goodness + Grace

12/16/2011 | 2

Gift guides are everywhere and as shoppers, we’re constantly pushed to buy, buy, buy. In the past year, FMM has put sustainability and social good at the forefront of not only what we write about in hopes of enlightening our readers, but also into play into our own personal lives. That’s why we’re bringing you five gifts with good causes behind them this year. We hope you enjoy.
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Via Privé Launches Philanthropic Activewear Line

11/14/2011 |

We’re all making more conscious decisions about the apparel we’re purchasing today. We care about quality, impact on the environment and brands that support and empower those less fortunate.Well, there’s a new line on our radar that we want to share with our readers who, like us, can’t make it through the day without yoga or pilates.
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