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InsideFMM | August 3, 2015

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Metrics: Articles on Measurement, Analytics and Tools

Fashion PR Platform Bipo Connects Brands and Press

05/08/2012 |

UK-based Fashion PR platform Bipo connects brands and press, offers metrics & ROI for PR

fashion pr bipo brands pressDeveloped in partnership with leading fashion and press industry thought leaders in the UK, Bipo is a new B2B online platform connecting press and brands in the fashion and beauty industries. Bipo revolutionizes press office communication for fashion, beauty, luxury and designer brands and multi-branded retailers.
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How Brands Can Discover Influencers

05/07/2012 | 2

Traackr launches Traackr One to help brands, agencies and marketers discover influencers organized by targeted market verticals

We’ve talked a lot about influencer discovery and identification over the past few years. This month, one of our favorite platforms has launched a service that we find to be beyond amazing for groups looking for a way to help identify top influencers online.
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5 Truths of the Digital African-American Consumer

10/18/2011 | 1

Did you know that there are 27 million African Americans online, spending an average of 32 percent of their time online with buying power expected to exceed $1.2 trillion dollars in 2012?

In May 2011, Google partnered with GlobalHue and Ipsos OTX MediaCT to conduct proprietary research in the African American market. They collectively designed and implemented a study that look closely at the online consumption patters of American American consumers. The research that resulted, was the “5 Digital Truths of the African American Consumer.”
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METRICS: Facebook Launches ‘People Talking About This’ + Premium Ad Units

10/04/2011 |

This week Facebook is launched a new “People Talking About This” metric for fan pages this week, designed to show conversations happening about a brand or page owner across the web. It’s part of an upgraded Page Insights tool and API tool.
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Itemize Visually Maps Shoppers’ DNA; Collects Data From Online Purchases

08/18/2011 |

While browsing the BlogHer11 tweets and insights, a new dot com popped onto our radars. The company,, allows users to import 18 months of their spending habits into a visually attractive map that shows their “shopping DNA.” Based on their spending history and basic settings of things they shop for most, Itemize offers deals and incentives from retailers they feel are relevant to that user. The company also rewards members with badges based on their level of activity.
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WHITEPAPER: How Women Are Shaping The Internet

07/13/2011 | 2

Being a woman is obviously different in many ways from being a man. So, what does it mean to be a woman on the Internet today? Well, comScore asked that precise question, and answered it with a beautiful resource: Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping The Internet.

The name alone is empowering, as it indicates that women are not passive participants, but rather active players helping to forge the present and future of the World Wide Web.

Women on the Web

comScore, a global leader in measuring the digital world and the preferred source of digital marketing intelligence, created this free 30+ page whitepaper to provide valuable insight into the world of women on the Web.

From advertisers to publishers and from content producers to agencies, nearly everyone can benefit from understanding Web usage patterns through a gender-specific lens. This global report provides an in-depth analysis of the female Internet user, highlighting key trends by Internet activity, worldwide region and digital channel.

The downloadable Women on the Web: How Women are Shaping The Internet presentation is organized well, neatly divided into the following categories:

  • The Gender Divide
  • Women and the Social Web
  • Women and Retail
  • Content for Women
  • Search Activity
  • Entertaining Women
  • Mobile Women

The resource became available on June 30, 2010, but holds relevant information for women, brands or anyone else interested in learning how women are participating in and contributing to the internet community.

women on the web

In addition to great visuals, you will find interesting key points like:

  • Social networking is central to women’s Internet experience.
  • A growing proportion of older women are engaging in social activities on the Web.
  • Photo-sharing sites are most popular among younger women, but women of all ages have embraced it as a key component of the social networking experience.
  • Women drive a disproportionate amount of online spending. In the U.S. market, women make up just under half of the Internet population but generate 58 percent of e-commerce dollars.
  • Women online in Asia outnumber women in North America by more than two to one.
  • In regards to flash sale sites, as with group-buying sites, more than two-thirds of visitors are women.

As online trends continue to change, with the rise of things like branded content, microblogging and f-commerce, resources such as this offer valuable information for brands that are looking to connect with their target online audience. And, you have to love when you can find a wealth of information for free.

EDITD Measures Social ROI for Fashion Brands

07/06/2011 |

If you’re looking to take the guesswork out of fashion and put the social science and stats behind your business, then metrics tools are a must-have. As fashion gets more digitally savvy, we’re seeing a trend in social fashion trend monitoring.


Watch out WGSN, there’s a new trend monitoring startup in town, and it’s called EDITD. Signature 9 calls this London based startup the next big thing. TechCrunch tells us that the tool helps us “use technology to spot fashion trends ahead of time to enable fashion brands and retailers to be more efficient. This all sounds interesting and valuable, right?

According to EDITD, the tool is “a cloud-based social, commercial and factual observation instrument, giving businesses the ability to quickly understand trends and market dynamics in real time and over time.” Further, EDITD provides “factual information, which is essential for how the fashion industry is evolving.”

This is the type of program that the FMM girls get excited about, and we think brands, retailers and suppliers should get excited, too. But, why?

EDITD can help all three groups operate efficiently with the insight it provides:

  • Brands can use it to ensure they’re making the right products. EDITD wants to help companies figure out how to design, sell and merchandise effectively in today’s highly competitive market.
  • Retailers can use it once they’ve gathered intelligence. EDITD wants to help retailers gain a strategic advantage by measuring the full market.
  • Suppliers can use it to meet their customers’ needs. EDITD wants to help suppliers increase customer satisfaction, make more money and best-sellers by utilizing global market data to fully inform their team and clients.

EDITD trendsSimilar to the trend forecasting and information delivered through Polyvore and its Style Analytics program, EDITD provides fresh data about the hottest brands and products, offering valuable insight into the world of trend forecasting.

You can sign up to try EDITD for yourself.

Instagram Metrics: Check Your Photo Popularity With Statigram

06/19/2011 | 1

Yes, we love Instagram and it’s our top pick for photo sharing until we get our hands on Facebook’s new mobile sharing app. Even if Facebook, Path and With give it a run for its money, we still believe that Instagram is here to stay (cool photo app integrations like the 100 Cameras in 1 app via Instrgram’s API make this a reality). So of course, it wasn’t going to be long before some system of photo sharing analytics hit. Given it’s popularity, Instragram just got the metrics first.
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