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InsideFMM | August 4, 2015

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Insights & Interviews

Interview: I Left Estee Lauder for an Equestrian Life

12/20/2012 |

In 2009, Tricia Meteer was laid off from her executive job at Estee Lauder Corporation. With her severance, she’s decided to follow the dream she’d subconsciously been manifesting and became a equestrian and wedding photographer. And she’s been following her passion ever since.
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The Evolution Of Business Blogging: Interview with PR Couture

10/29/2012 | 3

It’s been quite a year for marketers, the advancement in technology have lead us to be able to create more immersive brand experiences for consumers and evolving the ways that we engage them online. Because of digital progression, it’s not just consumer facing marketers that have had to evolve, it’s also bloggers. And no better example of this is the website PR Couture, founded by Crosby Noricks. Bloggers can no longer just be pretty faces in pictures, they have to be business people. In the past year and half, Noricks has evolved her blog, PR Couture, in a leading industry resource for fashion PR and media professionals. I spoke with her on her achievements.
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The Everygirl Goes Inside Publisher Macala Wright’s Life

10/17/2012 |

It’s been a big year for FMM. I wouldn’t even begin to write it because it would be longer than any post presently published here!

I will say that we all come to have crossroads in our lives, places where the path we’re on forks once more, and we have to choose which way to go. At some point in our lives, we have to stop taking the detours and stick to the more permanent part of the trail.
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As A Woman, I Have The Life I Want

07/09/2012 |

FMM’s founder and publisher Macala Wright explains how multicultural women fulfill leadership roles in business.

The interwebs are hot with debate on whether or not women can have it all, which began with Anne-Marie Slaughter’s piece for The Atlantic. Her viral article spurned commentary on multiple topics, most notably bringing to light to the of the lack of women (Thank you, Rachel Sklar from the Daily Beast) in high profile positions, especially in technology. But I have to say, there’s something missing in the conversations–giving ourselves permission to have the lives we want and not making excuses for recognizing our needs.
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Not All Blogs & Vlogs Are Created Equal

05/06/2012 | 1

Not All Blogs Are Created Equal: How brands need to balance quality and quantity in their influencer marketing programs

Social media, although it’s been around for nearly a decade, is still in its infancy in terms of proper and notable use as a marketing tool for fashion, luxury and entertainment companies. There are few doing it well.
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15 Ideas on Luxury & Innovation from L2 Think Tank

01/31/2012 | 1

For the past year, I’ve enjoyed attending the L2 Think Tank session via Fora.TV. Whether a half a day or a full day, the session delivers so much information and so many thought-provoking ideas that your head will hurt in delightful ways as your mind is processing the knowledge you gain.
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New Year, New Directions: FMM Turns Three

12/29/2011 | 1

I want to start this post off by saying that I hope all of our readers have had happy holidays are are ready to start 2012 with passion, determination and excitement that you have never experienced before.

Can you believe that FashionablyMarketing.Me is turned three this month? I am suffering for a little disbelief at what this website has become since I started in 2009 as a way for me to personally explore social media and fashion.
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How to Function in a Dysfunctional World

12/22/2011 | 1

Max Strom is a world renowned Yoga teacher, speaker and author of A Life Worth Breathing. This past weekend, Strom spoke in Laguna Beach on how we as individuals can function in a dysfunctional world.

Strom’s philosophy is: “Learn not to define yourself by what you are against; define yourself by expressing with your actions and your words what you are for.” In the half day workshop, Strom took us through a series of questions to help define and put our lives into perspective as we move into 2012. The experience is one I wanted to share with our readers so that they could explore their own answers over their holiday season breaks.
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