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InsideFMM | July 30, 2015

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The Inspiration: What’s Fueling Our Passion, Wanderlust and Zeitgeist

4 Years: Thank You FMM Readers, It’s Time To Retire

12/23/2012 | 4

After four years of writing this wonderful website, it’s come to a close. It’s amazing that with a wordpress blog, twitter, tumblr and facebook what one can achieve in just a short amount of time.

With FMM we were able to build a business, work with amazing brands, speak and share our insights around the world as well as help many industry professionals grow. But, as with all your favorite TV shows, we’ve run our course. We’ve grown as people and our interests have diversified so much that what we want to share no longer fits into Fashion, Marketing and Media. So we move on. Please feel free to follow everyone on their own sites (listed below) or stalk me furiously.
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As A Woman, I Have The Life I Want

07/09/2012 |

FMM’s founder and publisher Macala Wright explains how multicultural women fulfill leadership roles in business.

The interwebs are hot with debate on whether or not women can have it all, which began with Anne-Marie Slaughter’s piece for The Atlantic. Her viral article spurned commentary on multiple topics, most notably bringing to light to the of the lack of women (Thank you, Rachel Sklar from the Daily Beast) in high profile positions, especially in technology. But I have to say, there’s something missing in the conversations–giving ourselves permission to have the lives we want and not making excuses for recognizing our needs.
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Finding Purpose: Define Who You Are

07/04/2012 |

Happy Independence Day to all of our U.S. readers! In honor of the spirit of freedom and the ability to manifest one’s personal destiny, our digital strategy arm Why This Way has beautified a quote that will inspire you to be all that you can be, while reminding you to care for your most important business asset: your personal brand. Charlie O’Donnell, venture capitalist at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, gave us some clear, grounded advice that we all need to hear and remember. Pin it, skin it, live it.

11 Eco Chic Companies Found At Dwell on Design

06/27/2012 |

Last week, the editors of FMM attended the Dwell on Design conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Why? Because we adore interior design. Of all the trade shows we attend, we find this showroom floor to be a beautifully curated experience, truly a joy to walk. The event was filled with incredible, innovative, sustainable and beautiful design solutions for the home, both indoor and outdoor, as well as products for the workplace.
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How to Cultivate Creativity and Encourage Innovation

06/20/2012 | 1

Both fashion and marketing are inherently creative industries. How many professions boast positions such as “chief creative officer” and “creative director?” Fashion leaders are expected to create new, compelling and unexpected looks every six months; while digital marketers create marketing programs that must capture the capricious attention of the digital consumer 24-7-365.
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How to Find Happiness

05/20/2012 | 2

The writers of FMM have something in common: we’re all active in our wellness and health. Whether it’s yoga, pilates or horseback riding, we love taking care of our bodies, as well as our minds. As business professionals, we understand how fast the world moves and how the stress of our jobs can reek havoc on our lives, so we decided that from time to time we’re going to be bringing you insights and teachings from some of our favorite gurus. This piece has been contributed by one of my favorite yoga teachers in Los Angeles. – @Macala

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9 Amazing Magazines to Read in Print or Online

05/15/2012 | 3

The editors of FMM recommend nine magazines to read in print or online.

nine magazines to readHere at FMM, we love blogs. We adore blogs. There are moments, however, in the life of a digital editor, when she feels the need to step away from the computer screen, go outside, sit in the park and read a magazine. That’s right, a magazine. Sure, it’s old fashioned but it’s also a lovely way to stimulate the mind and immerse one’s self in a curated content experience in a completely different format. (Of course, you can read these magazines online as well, if you’re committed to consuming media in the digital format.)
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The Editor’s Office: Technology & Trinkets Worth Owning

04/27/2012 |

As publisher of FMM, I’m often asked “do you do anything else but write and run the FMM empire?” I laugh, first at the word “empire” and second at “do you have a life?”

Actually, I live a very full life, I take photos, I explore LA looking for content for February On 7th and I read a lot. Okay, that does sound like I do nothing but FMM. But my world fuels the media I create. In all seriousness, I do shop, ride horses and even paint (Yep, becoming a DIY queen thanks to Pinterest). But going back to me not having a life and running my “empire” (I love you, Jenna Fain), I’ve decided to start writing about my favorite technology and trinkets that I come across each month. Basically, that means gadgets and accessories.
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