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InsideFMM | August 2, 2015

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3D Printing & The Future of Fashion

12/15/2011 | 5

photo by Freedom of Creation

This is another one of those stories that seems like science fiction, but is actually reality. Retail, distribution and manufacturing are on the verge of rebirth because of a revolutionary emerging technology: 3D printing.
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Five Eco Conscious Designers That Inspire Us

08/22/2011 |

In 2011, more people are striving to make earth-friendly decisions when it comes to purchasing everything from cleaning supplies to fashion. Recently, we’ve discovered eco chic on Haji Lane in Singapore and we’ve explored the definition of sustainable fashion. Now, we’d like to present you with five eco conscious designers that inspire individual style and expression. From clothing and accessories to artwork for your home, these talented designers and brands are happy to be part of your eco-friendly lifestyle.

sustainable jewelry

1. Sarah Swell

Sarah Swell is a contemporary jewelry designer whose handcrafted work is rooted in the ancient technique of metalsmithing. By using natural elements, inspired design and impeccable craftsmanship, Sarah Swell consciously creates interesting, luxurious treasures that are crafted locally and responsibly – using recycled materials whenever possible.

Hailing from coastal New England, Sarah’s childhood was steeped in history, nature, and salt from the sea. An artist from a young age, she was always collecting, imagining and creating. Sarah earned a degree at the Revere Academy Of Jewelry Arts, then in 2008 launched her line.

Whether traveling, enjoying nature, exploring her city or collecting interesting relics, Sarah finds beauty and inspiration in the raw, unrefined and imperfect. She currently lives and works out of her Oakland, California studio.

eco conscious design

2. Melissa Hutton

Melissa Hutton is a contemporary artist living in San Francisco. Her work draws from her personal experience and emotional reaction to the environment confronting themes of isolation, abandonment, destruction and resilience.

Some of her most well known pieces are pop-inspired stormy panoramas littered with abandoned barns, highways slicing through fields and looming gas stations. Melissa explores the complexity of the American landscape by mixing mediums including spray enamel, resin and photography.

Melissa’s work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the United States. She is currently represented by the Hespe Gallery in San Francisco.

eco-conscious designers

3. Lonesome George & Co.

Lonesome George & Co. was created with one very simple idea: to build a business that could help shape the future. The company does this by providing superior products that fund necessary educational programs. Inspired by the tremendous journey of the Lonesome George Tortoise, Lonesome George & Co. was formed as a socially conscious organization that combines well-designed apparel with experiential education to ignite a revolutionary, global mind-shift.

The company’s goal is not only to sell apparel that will help fund education for future leaders of change, but also to inspire individuals to become their own agents of change and positively impact behavior in their communities.

The company states: “When you purchase a Lonesome George & Co. product, you are proudly proclaiming to the world ‘I am awake. I know my choices matter and I won’t allow what happened to Lonesome George to happen in my community.’”

sustainable clothing

4. Ecoskin

ecoSkin is the brainchild of industry veteran and founder, Sandy Skinner. The designer has lived apparel for 17+ years, working in virtually every aspect of the industry from buying to managing operations to being President of a contemporary brand. As a non-profit volunteer and amateur environmentalist, Sandy also has lived with a personal respect for people and planet and a desire to make a positive difference in the world.

Sandy personally oversees every high-quality and eco-friendly detail at ecoSkin, from the selection of raw material to the oversight of meticulous local dying, weaving and sewing to the design of green hangtags and labels.

As a green brand, ecoSkin offers contemporary women the opportunity to make a positive environmental difference one purchase at a time. For more, read our recent interview with Sandy about sustainable eco conscious fashion.

green jewelry

5. Early Jewelry

Early Jewelry was created by Kylie Earlene Grater’s, whose farm beginnings in Riley, Kansas lend a unique aesthetic to her original accessories pieces. The simplicity of rural life, the changing of the weather, and the cycles of planting, and harvesting have all influenced Kylie’s approach to creating jewelry. Her close contact with these organic influences, in part, determines her materials: feather, cow bone, and leather, to name a few.

In addition to creating jewelry out of new materials using trusted eco suppliers, Kylie invents pieces by reconstructing cast-outs and vintage jewelry. Inspiration for this line of jewelry comes from a dictate out of her rural past: one must make use of every little thing! This reuse results in unique and eclectic pieces that are expressive of both the old and the new.

Kylie currently resides in Lawrence, Kansas where all the pieces in her shop are handmade. We really love what she does, and we’ve had our eye on her since early 2010 when we spotted her line at Pool Trade Show at MAGIC Trade Show.

The only thing better than shopping indie is shopping eco-friendly indie. We love what these brands do for our style and Mother Earth.

SFC Announces New Green Retailer Standard At Las Vegas Market

08/02/2011 |

The Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC) is rolling out a new standard for recognizing exemplary performance on sustainability issues for retailers coinciding with the summer market at World Market Center Las Vegas.

The SFC was founded in October 2006 with the express purpose of uniting raw materials suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and designers in the common cause of improving the sustainability of the home furnishings industry.
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Ethical Apparel Line Attracts UK ‘It Girls’

07/04/2011 |

Beulah London

Guest Post by Taisa Veras

While most designers are designing collections with celebrity ‘it girls’ in mind, Beulah London’s designers, Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan, are designing with the women suffering in the human trafficking trade in India in mind. Philanthropy runs in Isaacs’ family history; her great-grandfather was the Viceroy of India, was appointed to oversee the Indian Chamber of Princes, and was in favor of helping India find its path to self government. After traveling to India with Brennan in 2009, Isaacs became even more involved in helping the country.
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Life Editing: Can The Modern Family Live in A 550 Square Foot Home?

06/27/2011 |

Last year, FMM delved head first into interiors and sustainable living at the Dwell on Design Conference in Los Angeles. One of our favorite installations was MODERN LIVING.

Once again, the ecofabulous founder Zem Joaquin has teamed up with leading architect Jonathan Davis of pieceHomes and sustainable prefab builder, OneBuild, to create a modern dweller’s 550 square foot, eco-friendly dream home. This year’s MODERN LIVING Showhouse by ecofabulous, featuring pieceHomes will be auctioned via eBay Giving Works with proceeds benefiting Global Green USA.
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Beauty Rituals: A Better Way To Cleanse

06/03/2011 |

Ritual CleanseCleansing? What is that?

If you’re in fashion and beauty and you’ve never done an internal cleanse, then you’re just not in the know. Heck, if you live in California and you’ve never had colon hydrotherapy, then you may be beyond our help!
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How-To Properly Define Sustainable Fashion

05/24/2011 | 2

There has been a lot of talk about fashion’s movement into “green.” From H&M to Puma, brands are finding ways to implement practical change. Noting the importance of carrying out more responsible practices into their business and design models, fashion labels are brainstorming to come up with the best way to embrace green while still remaining true to their brand as well as being profitable. It’s not an easy thing to do, but in order to make any change, the first step is to define and understand the many different ways to embrace “conscious fashion.”
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Coca-Cola Opens Pop-Up Recycling Shop In Israel

05/06/2011 | 1

Coca-Cola recently launched a pop-up recycling shop, the first of its kind in Israel. The first store was opened on April 14, 2011 at the chic “HaTachana” district, among many fashion boutiques and galleries in Tel-Aviv. The main goal of Coca-Cola’s recycling stores is to promote awareness of recycling, by using the idea of “recycled fashion”.
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