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InsideFMM | August 5, 2015

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5 Behavioral Needs Brands Must Understand About Their Customers

12/14/2012 | 6

In 2012, brands are so caught up in catching up to the digital age that they can easily lose sight of the fact that they are working to meet their customers’ most basic needs. Despite the fact that brands are now communicating through blogs, videos and social media, the simple goal of reaching consumers and selling products or services remains unchanged. Both brands and consumers can benefit when brands tap into the 5 basic human needs.
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The Psychology Behind The Rise Of Microblogging

12/14/2012 | 15

Anyone who has been online for the last few years has noticed a remarkable shift away from busy, poorly designed websites and communities; and towards streamlined, almost minimalist sites and applications. While we are undeniably more digital than ever, it seems that we are taking a step back — not to move backward, but to regroup, realign and refine our online experiences as we move forward.
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The 10 Best Fashion, Luxury & Interior Brand Blogs of 2011 & 2012

11/04/2012 | 13

For our annual review of brand blogs, this year, we’ve expanded past fashion to include our favorite luxury and home interior and design blogs. We hope you enjoy the list.

Hermès Paris Mon Ami

For a luxury brand attempting to make the most of digital, I don’t think anyone gives Hermès enough credit. Since 2010, the brand that has said it will never give way to “masstige” has been applying that principle to its online marketing, leveraging video, street style photography, emerging online fashion influencers and customer content.
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Digital vs. Print: A Candid Look at Catalogues in the UK

10/01/2012 | 2

Print vs. Digital Catalogues

Guest Post Alan Cairns: Alan Cairns writes on a number of subjects including catalogue production and colour matching.

As an increasing proportion of marketing spends are being devoted to online channels, print is often seen as a dying format, and hardly the way to reach young, tech-savvy consumers. Forward-thinking brands are producing digital catalogues which can be browsed on smart phones and tablet devices.
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HOW-TO: Build A Digital Strategy

09/13/2012 |

This past week, I wrote a piece on how to properly build a digital strategy for my mashable column. Here’s the longer version.

In the past five years, I’ve had the privilege of constructing dynamic, complex digital strategies on behalf of numerous retail, entertainment and luxury clients. But often, clients confuse what strategy is – and what it isn’t – and how to actually develop one.
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Fall Marketing Campaigns Feature Bloggers, Videos and User Generated Content

08/23/2012 |

Helmut Lang Launches Guest Blogger Series

This month, Helmut Lang welcomes an exciting worldwide round-up of music, fashion and lifestyle bloggers to shoot their favorite Fall 2012 Helmut Lang and HELMUT essentials. This series will be shopable and showcased on
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10 Tips For Brands To Reach Online Consumers

07/23/2012 | 2

For many fashion start-ups, traction is often the biggest challenge in the early stages of digital branding. To serve some advice for reaching consumers, Third Wave Fashion and sister group OS Fashion co-hosted an NYC meetup featuring a handful of the brightest marketing minds. Below are the top 10 tips for executing the best digital marketing strategy for your company.
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Gamification: Creating Emotion with Game Mechanics

07/07/2012 | 3

gamification emotion game mechanicsLately I’ve been doing a lot of research into brands, marketing and engagement trying to figure out what elements of a brand’s DNA make it irresistible to consumers. While the logo, social media presence and digital strategy are all important, there is a secret sauce, a core resonance that brands must achieve before they become an integral part of a consumer’s lifestyle: brands must make an emotional connection with consumers.
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