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InsideFMM | July 30, 2015

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China’s Rise in Social Media Marketing

06/12/2012 | 3

china social media marketingWhile China emerges as the largest, most active social media population in the world, major fashion brands and retailers are starting to recognize its potential. According to a recent McKinsey report, social media has a greater influence on purchasing decisions for Chinese consumers than anywhere else in the world.
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Wallpaper* Magazine launches Singapore Revealed iPad App

12/20/2011 |

Last year FMM had the honor of being a part of the first Audi Fashion Festival and Asian Fashion Summit in Singapore. The five days I spent exploring, speaking and meeting with designers, business professionals and falling in love with the country led me write 15 blog posts over three months about the experiences I had and the people I met. Since my adventures, Singapore’s been on my radar; from digital economic development series with Venture Beat to creative tourism pieces with Travel & Leisure, Singapore is vying to be the launchpad to all of Asia. Now, in a move into mobile, one of our favorite publications, Wallpaper* magazine has launched a beautiful iPad app called Singapore Revealed.
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Kazakhstan Fashion Week Highlights Fashion in Central Asia

12/02/2011 |

Fashion must be one of the universally understood languages of humankind. No matter where we are, we instinctively relate to form and structure, lines and patterns, colors and hues. Despite economic and political woes, fashion enthusiasts everywhere seem to have made a pact to bring the delight of the runway shows to eager fashion lovers, as well as fuel greater designer collaborations in different parts of the world.
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How Luxury & Fashion Brands Can Successfully Launch In China

10/19/2011 | 3

Now leading as the number one apparel and number two accessory market in the world, China’s consumer market explodes as tens of millions of people join the middle class every year (that’s 300 million and counting). Michael Zakkour, principal of Technomic Asia, gave a special guest lecture at Fashion Institute of Technology on the front lines of China’s luxury and apparel market.
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Singapore Brand For All Walks Of Life

07/25/2011 |

Alfie Leong A.W.O.L.

A.W.O.L. (not to be confused with AWOL, “absent without leave”) is an independent fashion label based in Singapore. Owned by designer Alfie Leong, A.W.O.L. stands for “all walks of life.” The brand celebrates the idea that every woman has the right to believe in individualism. The label seeks originality and refinement. Though constructed unconventionally, A.W.O.L. clothing is wearable, offering today’s woman beautiful, confident wardrobe staples.
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Blueprint Trade Show In Singapore Showed Record Attendence

07/06/2011 |

Over the past two months, we’ve slowly been peeling back the layers on our experiences at the Asian Fashion Summit in Singapore. What can we say? There were so many amazing happenings, conferences and designers that it took us that long to showcase them all.
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The Eight Emeriging Southeast Asia Designers You Should Watch

07/05/2011 |

To wrap up our Singapore coverage, we are happy to present you with information on the eight best designers in Southeast Asia. Macala discovered these labels while covering this year’s Asian Fashion Summit Singapore. Whether you’re the competitive trendsetting type or a girl who quietly enjoys wearing something that everyone else doesn’t own, these labels each have something to fulfill your fashionable desires.

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Asian Designer To Watch: CHALK Singapore

07/04/2011 |

On my last trip to Asia, I fell in love with Singapore–so much so that we started a category dedicated to our fashion finds we discovered there. Yet another amazing brand that caught my eye, along with my wallet, was Chalk.
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