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InsideFMM | July 29, 2015

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About Marguerite Darlington

Marguerite Darlington

Marguerite Darlington

Marguerite Darlington is a freelance writer and editor based in Los Angeles, California. A graduate of Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. Darlington's has a personal blog located at Marguerite Darlington. You can follow her on Twitter @MJDarlington.

Posts By Marguerite Darlington

What Happens When Bloggers Share Too Much

12/14/2012 | 1

Recent debate about disclosure of our personal lives as it relates to daily activity and sex on The Cut, coupled with a debate on IFB have led up to bring by this post we wrote in May.

How personal should bloggers get online? The editors of FMM discuss the dangers of sharing too much.
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The Neurodynamics of Online Engagment

10/24/2012 | 2

In digital marketing, “engagement” is the golden goose that all brands are seeking. Marketers want to catch and hold the attention of a target demographic and nourish it until individuals are transformed from mildly interested consumers to brand evangelists.
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The Evolution of Mobile Photo Sharing Apps

09/18/2012 |

Smartphones have changed the way that we share our lives with friends, colleagues, family and the world at large. Built-in camera phones make anytime, anywhere photography easy and convenient, and social networks make sharing these of-the-moment snapshots easier than ever before.
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The Future Laboratory Publishes U.K. Consumer Study

07/10/2012 |

future laboratory uk consumersBefore you create a marketing strategy, you need to understand the consumers you are trying to reach. U.K.-based management consultancy The Future Laboratory published its latest Consumer Attitudes Audit in June, which surveys U.K. consumers to uncover new trends and consumer behavior. Prepared by its research division, Future Poll, the team questioned 2,000 U.K. citizens about a wide range of topics that affect spending decisions, including:
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Gamification: Creating Emotion with Game Mechanics

07/07/2012 | 3

gamification emotion game mechanicsLately I’ve been doing a lot of research into brands, marketing and engagement trying to figure out what elements of a brand’s DNA make it irresistible to consumers. While the logo, social media presence and digital strategy are all important, there is a secret sauce, a core resonance that brands must achieve before they become an integral part of a consumer’s lifestyle: brands must make an emotional connection with consumers.
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Finding Purpose: Define Who You Are

07/04/2012 |

Happy Independence Day to all of our U.S. readers! In honor of the spirit of freedom and the ability to manifest one’s personal destiny, our digital strategy arm Why This Way has beautified a quote that will inspire you to be all that you can be, while reminding you to care for your most important business asset: your personal brand. Charlie O’Donnell, venture capitalist at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, gave us some clear, grounded advice that we all need to hear and remember. Pin it, skin it, live it.

Beauty Industry Leaders Offer Digital Strategy Tips

06/28/2012 |

#Beauty industry leaders offer digital strategy tips at #WWDBeauty on

I can’t hide it any longer–I’m a conference nerd. I love to attend events that feature industry experts speaking on topics that interest me, especially digital. Our industry moves so quickly that there is no book that captures the essence of what’s happening: by the time the book is published, it’s out of date. To get the most current information on digital strategy, you must watch industry leaders speaking on current topics.
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11 Eco Chic Companies Found At Dwell on Design

06/27/2012 |

Last week, the editors of FMM attended the Dwell on Design conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Why? Because we adore interior design. Of all the trade shows we attend, we find this showroom floor to be a beautifully curated experience, truly a joy to walk. The event was filled with incredible, innovative, sustainable and beautiful design solutions for the home, both indoor and outdoor, as well as products for the workplace.
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