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InsideFMM | July 31, 2015

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About Macala Wright

Macala Wright

Macala Wright

Macala Wright Lee is the founder and publisher of FashionablyMarketing.Me. She is a business and consumer marketing consultant for fashion, beauty and lifestyle-related brands. Wright has been quoted or had her work cited in Women's Wear Daily, Sportswear International, Gawker, Defamer, NRF Smart Brief, The San Francisco Chronicle, Mashable, California Apparel News, Fox Business, The Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly and Perez Hilton. Wright Lee currently leads FashionablyMarketing.Me and also writes a retail business + technology column for CNN’s Mashable. You can follow her on Twitter @Macala or @InsideFMM.

Posts By Macala Wright

4 Years: Thank You FMM Readers, It’s Time To Retire

12/23/2012 | 4

After four years of writing this wonderful website, it’s come to a close. It’s amazing that with a wordpress blog, twitter, tumblr and facebook what one can achieve in just a short amount of time.

With FMM we were able to build a business, work with amazing brands, speak and share our insights around the world as well as help many industry professionals grow. But, as with all your favorite TV shows, we’ve run our course. We’ve grown as people and our interests have diversified so much that what we want to share no longer fits into Fashion, Marketing and Media. So we move on. Please feel free to follow everyone on their own sites (listed below) or stalk me furiously.
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Interview: I Left Estee Lauder for an Equestrian Life

12/20/2012 |

In 2009, Tricia Meteer was laid off from her executive job at Estee Lauder Corporation. With her severance, she’s decided to follow the dream she’d subconsciously been manifesting and became a equestrian and wedding photographer. And she’s been following her passion ever since.
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13 Startups Changing Lifestyle Through Discovery & Curation

12/15/2012 | 21

Originally published in February 2012, we’ve reposted because it’s so relevant to the start of 2013.

In 2010, branded content was one of the largest trends among retailers and brands. In 2011, branded content shifted to branded entertainment and social shopping via Kaboodle, Polyvore and ShopStyle. Now, in 2012, it’s content cultivation and aggregation. From creative uses of Pinterest to Instragram’s API, brands are now enthralled with the consumer obsession of curation.
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6 Components Of Successful eCommerce Experiences

12/15/2012 | 2

Earlier this week I published a piece on my PSFK column on successful e-commerce sites. I’ve expanded the article a bit here. As we know, the traditional customer conversion funnel is gone. In order to win the hearts and wallets of digitally savvy consumers, brands must create innovative experiences that are so delightful, entertaining, or genuinely useful their target consumers can’t resist coming back for more. Brands need to consider the following five principals when building a successful e-commerce presence. Here’s a look at six companies blazing digital trails.
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Burberry Opens In Chicago; Drives Engagement Online and Offline

11/30/2012 | 1

Luxury British retailer launches new Chicago flagship store, creates an immersive physical and digital event experience

Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey hosted an event last night to mark the opening of the brand’s second largest store in North America, located on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The evening was a celebration of Chicago, showcasing the city’s creative community through the brand’s digital platform, Art of the Trench (founded in 2009). Images of Chicagoans wearing iconic trench coats were displayed throughout the store, the city and globally across Burberry social media sites including Twitter, Tumblr (now with 61,000 followers) and Google+.
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Edelman Beefs Up TweetLevel Influencer Identification Platform

11/30/2012 |

In fashion, “influence” is one of the biggest topics of any marketing or PR professional. Is it quality versus quantity, niche versus commercial, popular versus emerging. It’s enough to make your head spin. Well, leave it to Edelman to bring a whole new piece of that puzzle to the table. We mean this in the best way of course…
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Blue Nile Celebrates The Extraordinary Holiday

11/26/2012 |

The online jewelry retailer launches The Extraordinary Days of Christmas holiday campaign in order to connect with customers

Holiday campaigns are off to an epic start, from Starbucks and NARS to conscious consumption with Holstee’s Block Friday, retailers are getting creative with their social media campaigns this season. Today, Blue Nile has launched an interactive game on Facebook for the holidays called The Extraordinary Days of Christmas.
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Marc Jacobs Launches New Luxury, E-Commerce Experience

11/19/2012 | 3

As eCommerce continues to disrupt luxury brands, Marc Jacobs makes another play as a luxury brand to watch with their digital marketing. Today, the brand has launched a new website with a companion mobile site, even further spiffed up with over the top social sharing to your favorite curation sites, PayPal integration and shipping to Canada.
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