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InsideFMM | July 29, 2015

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Marc Jacobs Launches New Luxury, E-Commerce Experience

Marc Jacobs Launches New Luxury, E-Commerce Experience
Macala Wright

As eCommerce continues to disrupt luxury brands, Marc Jacobs makes another play as a luxury brand to watch with their digital marketing. Today, the brand has launched a new website with a companion mobile site, even further spiffed up with over the top social sharing to your favorite curation sites, PayPal integration and shipping to Canada.

I know what you’re thinking, “Another e-commerce website launch? Who cares? They’re like yet another announcement about some celeb that wore something that we don’t find fabulous!” Well darlings, Marc Jacobs is worth of a write up – in case you haven’t been following their digital progress. The new e-commerce site was designed with all of the critical components for digital success – a near perfect balance UI/UX, social, product distribution and easy path to purchase. The creative, social and design direction were done internally, lead by Daniel Plenge, Director of Digital at Marc Jacobs.

High impact visual design

  • Larger product images and swatches, improved menu browsing enhanced for widescreen/HD displays
  • Complete social integration
  • Logins with Twitter & Facebook for commenting, ‘liking,’ sharing
  • The fashion industry’s first Tweetbox widget, providing instant social interaction
  • Customer engagement/interaction/share functionality via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, The Fancy, and Svpply
  • Comments/reviews section on each product page

Expanded social & product analytics

  • Customizable, shareable MyMJ Wishlists
  • Counters/Metrics for Pinned/Google+/Liked products

Interactive “World of Marc Jacobs”

  • The fashion industry’s first immersive experience using Storify’s API, allowing MJI to pull in our own social updates as well as our fan’s updates
  • The new World of Marc Jacobs will feature archival look books from years past, runway shows, interviews, rare videos, staff styling features

Improved customer service interface for a streamlined customer service experience

  • Tweetbox widget for instant customer interaction
  • Expanded store locator, featuring integrated MarcFam content

Mobile Optimization

  • eCommerce driven platform for mobile online shopping convenience
  • Minimal tertiary content to maximize eCommerce conversions

PayPal integration

  • Allows streamlined, flexible payment options for 100 million+ PayPal users
  • Provides increased support for international customers


  • Greatly enhances eCommerce options for Canadian customers
  • Taps into a rising luxury market in the 10th largest global economy

Kudos to Jacobs for showing that you can in fact have functional experience within the confides of E,M and S commerce. Also, I’m sure that there are Canadians everywhere rejoicing for your product availability. Follow them on Twitter @MarcJacobsIntl.


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