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InsideFMM | August 2, 2015

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Zugara Launches World’s 1st Augmented Reality Ecommerce Platform Module

While the editors of FMM have failed to impressed by QR Codes, we’re still unbelievably hopeful about the power of Augmented Reality as it relates to consumer experience.

Two weeks ago, Zugara, one of the industry’s leading Los Angeles-based augmented reality firms, has turned their award winning online merchandising software, The Webcam Social Shopper (WSS) into an official module for PrestaShop’s apparel merchants worldwide. PrestaShop is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms in the world (with over 127,000 stores and counting), and the launch of “WSS For PrestaShop” marks the first time any ecommerce platform has offered an augmented reality (AR) module to its e-tailers.

The module provides PrestaShop’s apparel retailers with immediate integration of a piece of software that turns their shopper’s webcams into interactive mirrors, instantaneously providing a more fun, visual and social experience. To do this, WSS uses a webcam’s live video feed, a motion capture interface, AR and Facebook/Twitter integration to replicate that offline moment at the rack where a young shopper holds a dress or blouse up to herself, turns to a friend (or the mirror) and asks “what do you think, is this me?”

“Retailers are finally realizing that the bulk of their revenue, be it online or offline, is tied directly to the experience that they provide online” said Matt Szymczyk, CEO of Zugara. “WSS was developed to give retailers an actual online shopping experience right ‘out of the box’. It’s fun and engaging; It’s proven to help sell clothes; and, it’s a word of mouth marketing platform. In sharing their looks, and asking friends what they should and shouldn’t buy, shoppers are also sharing the retailer’s content as well as their tacit approval of the site.”

“WSS for PrestaShop” also marks a substantial leap forward in affordability and ease of integration for augmented reality retail applications. Its integration wizard was developed to give “average people”, not developers, the ability to install WSS into their store(s) quickly and easily. And with a 30 day free trial, as well as a low “pay only for what your shoppers use” CPC (cost per click) pricing model, retailers both large and small can benefit from WSS. To date, over 200 retailers have downloaded the module.

Here’s how it the technology works:


The shopper is interested in an item, but not sure she wants to buy it yet. So she clicks on a call to action on the retailer’s product detail page.

An overlay is launched, her webcam is activated and the she takes a few steps away from her computer.

The dress she was looking at is instantly placed right in front of her. Now she can have that “at the rack moment” and better judge if the color and style are right for her.

Using just her motions, she can now snap photos and see additional colors of the dress.

Finally, sharing her photos (so she can find out what her friends think) is incredibly easy.




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