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InsideFMM | July 31, 2015

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Strategy: How To Create Social Content That Sticks

Silicon Beach geniuses spill their fashion marketing secrets

On Saturday, Pose, StyleSaint, Who What Wear, Simply Stylist, BeachMint and WHY THIS WAY gathered for the Silicon Beach Fest to talk to Los Angeles creatives and techies wanting to know how West Coast-based fashion companies use content in social media marketing.

Side Note: Silicon Beach is the name for the Los Angeles version of Silicon Valley, but we all work and live on the ocean. #BallerStatus

Here are a some juicy, tactical points you’re going to want to implement ASAP.

When it comes to Pinterest, this is how you roll:

1. Tips, arm candy and shoes: The top three pieces of content that stick on Pinterest are nail art, arm candy photos and footwear, as they cater to a large age range of female users.

2. Style the whole outfit: When it comes to outfits of the day and street style, you’ve gotta give them the whole kit and kaboodle. “Users can self identify with photos of complete outfits,” said Alison Beal of StyleSaint. “Show them how to pair it and make sure what you’re trying to call out is done in a simple, impactful way. It’s what closes the consumer loop.”

3. Make it a meme: “Take some of your most beautiful imagery, overlay some amazingly positive quote, saying or mantra with a beautiful font and presto! It’s the making of snackable, sharable social content perfect for Pinterest and Tumblr,” said Macala Wright, CEO of WHY THIS WAY and founder of FMM. “Beautiful imagery and great typography go a long way.”

4. Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags: They are your #best friends. Tag your content appropriately and watch new audience development and follower acquisition grow.

5. Make couture accessible: High fashion images are great, but if you want them to work, you’ve then got to show how to make that look accessible. The repins runneth over.

Facebook, the sh*t fashion marketers say that really works:

1. Facebook ads: “For BeachMint, we use the UCG from Pose, Pinterest and Instagram for Facebook ads,” said David Oh, head of optimization at BeachMint. “They are integral part of the conversion funnel as it relates to Facebook.”

BeachMint ran out of ad content and held a contest to generate more. There were 300 submissions the first week. The most liked photo had over 400 votes.

2. Where users go when they click Facebook ads: “Beachmint gamified our Facebook experience,” said Oh. “The minute you click on our ad, you’re taken to quizes and prompted to go through them. The quizes convert to fan acquisition and site registration.”

3. Content traction: “On the first of the every month, BeachMint announces new products,” Oh continued. “We see the same result when we post back-in-stock items that sold out. When we held a live shopping event, the CTR doubled.”

4. Facebook is a 2:00 a.m. infomercial: Photo galleries and albums, you can’t go wrong.

5. Leverage the open graph: “When users are allowed to use action verbs, the content has about a (10x) virality rate according to EdgeRank,” said Alisa Gould Simon of Pose. “We invest a lot of time in our celebrity and top influencers to ensure their timelines are running the Pose app as it provides more traction than a brand page.”

Tell me no lies, tell me your content secrets

1. Make the most of Pinterest: Lauren Hilger, social media manager at Who What Wear, said celebrity fashion slide shows get the most pins on Pinterest, while DIY and how-to posts see the highest sales conversion rates.

2. Customize brand content: Who What Wear offers integrated content marketing programs for brands, allowing them to post Who What Wear content designed specifically for the brand by platform. When companies leverage customized content on their own brand social platforms, it has higher engagement rates.

3. Ask people’s opinions: Sarah Pollack Boyd of Simply Stylist shared that allowing communities to rate outfits is one of the most successful features they have.

4. Let the people speak: “If you focus on helping people express themselves better, you’ll be able to build brand evangelists and a loyal community,” said Beal. “By making them part of every process, they’ll design your success for you. So get social, listen and actively speak.”

5. Draw users in: “If your content strategy focuses on user retention, then focus on optimizing your entry points and driving your users deep,” said Alisa Gould Simon of Pose.

6. Make it obvious: When it comes to content, SHOW DON’T TELL. “Show how you make your customer’s life better,” said Beal.

Ummmm, what about ROI, KPIs and CTR???

Yes, we can talk about any acronyms you like. Here are three points for my number lovers:

1. Keep KPIs simple: “When you create KPIs, focus on interest first, then interaction,” said Wright. “Those two key components lead to transaction. It’s how content drives commerce.”

2. Sharing is caring: “You must focus on sentiment,” said Hilger. “Focus on what’s being positively received and build upon it.”

3. One goal at a time: Task each of your teams and departments with one goal, not multiple goals. Let them focus one thing, recommended Beal, who actually created an internal game system of success to motivate employees.

The secret to viral content: don’t take yourself too seriously


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