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InsideFMM | April 25, 2015

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TV Viewers Earn Real-World Rewards with Viggle Check-ins

Viggle, an iOS social rewards mobile app, uses new technology to verify that users are watching the TV shows they check into.

viggle mobile checkin social rewardsLast year, Get Glue made social rewards for mobile check-ins popular, pioneering check-ins to entertainment properties like TV shows, movies, books, music and brand topics. Users earn stickers similar to Foursquare badges for checking into entertainment properties, with top brand ambassadors earning “guru” status and sometimes merchandise or gift certificates. In addition, many retailers offered discounts for Get Glue check-ins. Not only does Get Glue drive social engagement, it also drives retail sales for HBO, The Gap and Old Navy.

In January, Viggle launched its iOS app and entered the mobile entertainment check-in and social rewards game. Viggle rewards people with gift cards, movie tickets and music for checking into TV shows using its proprietary show matching feature. This verification system is what sets Viggle apart from Get Glue, which works on the honor system. Using the integrated microphone on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch device, Viggle automatically identifies what the viewer is watching on television. The platform is compatible with live, recorded and online TV content from more than 150 channels.

Once checked in, users can see a summary of all Twitter conversation related to the show and are able to share comments from within the app directly to Twitter or Facebook. Users can learn more about their favorite shows by clicking on direct links to online show pages, unique content, downloads and special merchandise that are integrated directly on the show pages.

Viggle users will be able to redeem points for rewards from a growing slate of more than 20 brands that span entertainment, retail, restaurants and travel, including Best Buy, Sephora and Hulu Plus. Viggle is working with rewards partners to create special reward opportunities such as daily deals, as well as adding new rewards partners.

viggle mobile checkin social rewards

“We’re excited that Viggle is now in the hands of passionate TV viewers,” said Chris Stephenson, president of Function(x), Viggle’s parent company. “And, we’re lucky to be working with networks and brands who really understand the connection people have with the shows they love. Everyone wins here—consumers get rewarded for their loyalty and networks and brand partners are able to connect with Viggle users in relevant and meaningful ways.”

The company, founded by media and entertainment entrepreneur Robert F.X. Sillerman, also announced a number of strategic launch partners including Verizon, Pepsi, Gatorade, Burger King Corporation and Capital One. Viggle provides companies with easy ways to target different audiences and present their brands in a variety of contextually relevant ways including games, quizzes, polls, downloads and videos that are related to the consumer and what they’re watching.

Have you used Viggle? What do you think?

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