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InsideFMM | August 3, 2015

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Book Review: Ready to Launch, The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR

Book Review: Ready to Launch, The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR
Marguerite Darlington

Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR is an easy-to-read, of-the-moment guide to the best practices for establishing a vital, productive career in fashion PR.

If you want a career in fashion PR but just can’t seem to catch a break, we’ve got the book for you. Ready to Launch: The PR Couture Guide to Breaking into Fashion PR offers priceless insider information from top executives in the fashion PR industry compiled and curated by Crosby Noricks, the award-winning blogger behind PR Couture.

Ready to Launch provides fashion PR interns and entry-level practitioners with the knowledge and support necessary to successfully break into this media-rich career. This insider’s guide is the first of its kind, and features contributions from more than two dozen fashion PR professionals working with brands like Betsey Johnson, Elie Tihari, Coach, Tom’s and Nine West, as well as top agencies Edelman Digital, Style House PR and Regan Communications.

Noricks took time out of her busy schedule to talk to the editors of FMM about her inspiration and insights into the ever-changing world of fashion PR.

FMM: What inspired you to write a book for people wanting to break into fashion PR?

CN: I’ve been writing PR Couture for more than five years, and one of my biggest readerships has always been students and young practitioners looking for more information about fashion PR. Over the years I have had coffee, wine and lunch with several of my readers and imparted my best advice on making a career in fashion PR a reality. The book came out of a desire to be able to more efficiently and effectively provide this information to more people!

FMM: What is the most important quality that someone who works in fashion PR should possess?

CN: Goodness! I suppose flexibility is really the most important thing. No two days are alike, no two clients, editors etc. Similarly, the tools and platforms practitioners use to reach out to target the public are changing and evolving. Finally, it’s a world of last-minute deadlines, changed priorities and quick thinking–if you aren’t able to adapt quickly to the current need state of your job, you’ll sink.

FMM: Do you have any advice on developing business relationships in fashion in the digital age?

CN: This is such an incredible time for those just started out in their career because social media has really opened up so many relationship building opportunities that simply didn’t exist before. In order to make use of Twitter effectively, create a list of people in the industry you want to connect with. Make a commitment to retweet or comment on those people’s content daily or weekly. A list helps cut down on the noise and ensure you are seeing the tweets of the industry influencers you are looking to connect with. I have heard so many great stories of how a connection on Twitter turned into a job opportunity. It’s a definite must. As far as general relationship-building for professionals, I think the key is to strike a balance between the personal and professional. I believe people work with people they like, more than anything, so nurture your relationships.

FMM: How is interviewing for a job or internship in the fashion industry different than other industries?

CN: Working in public relations requires both a critical business mind and an eye for creative ideation and strategy. One of my favorite parts of the book is a series of favorite interview questions from top fashion PR practitioners. It’s clear that problem-solving as well as media savvy are crucial skills to communicate during your interview.

Want more amazing insights on how to snag your dream job? You’ll just have to read the book. To learn more about Ready to Launch, visit the PR Couture website or buy the book on Amazon.


  1. Cool interview! I have the utmost respect for Crosby and her work which is why I was so happy to be featured in the book. Fashion PR is a tough field to break into and it’s even more difficult to stay in. This book is an amazing resource for those just starting out and those who are currently working in Fashion PR. Please go buy the book! I’m featured in it and I still learned so much from it. Thanks for posting this wonderful interview. :)

    • Marguerite Darlington

      You’re welcome! We agree–she’s fantastic, and her book is truly educational. Very well done.

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