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InsideFMM | August 3, 2015

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Stella McCartney’s Interactive Luxury Fragrance Campaign

Stella McCartney Selfridges LilyThis week, Stella McCartney launched an interactive campaign for her newest perfume L.I.L.Y. with Selfridges department store in London.

This high-profile campaign was created by New York-based Gin Lane and led by Emmett Shine and Dan Kenger, who were handpicked for the unique project that introduced the world to the first fragrance from the iconic luxury house in almost a decade.

“From start to finish, Gin Lane has put into effect ideas that will be landmarks in social media and digital aspects for this industry,” says president Emmett Shine. This team of creative technologists, who work out of an airy, loft studio on Bowery, have conceptualized, developed and managed the launch that took place at Selfridges.

Before we dive too far into the campaign, in true FMM fashion, we just wanted to say that what we love most about Gin Lane Media is that they are a media group that strives to offer its brand partners a full integration of the best technology available, which is no small feat when working global brands like Stella McCartney, AOL, Helmut Lang and adidas.

“Gin Lane aims to only to reach their clients’ audiences in the digital sphere, but to also help them recognize the value that entertainment and engagement bring to the traditional in-store shopping experience,” said Netty Devonshire, client director.

Inside the fragrance

Stella McCartney’s fragrance L.I.L.Y has a sensibility of aesthetic, design and mood. There is a whimsical, feminine side, and there is a bold, masculine with a more “explosive” component. You can buy it online at, by the way. It’s gorgeous!

Then translating the fragrance into a digital experience

“We attempted to build upon that ‘explosive’ tension to create an interactive campaign for the roll-out of the fragrance,” said Shine. “The Stella McCartney team is always forward-thinking, and always open to new ways to interact and communicate with their loyal fan-base. As the L.I.L.Y fragrance is a global roll-out that focuses on specific markets one at a time, it made sense to create multiple options for users in each local market to engage, in a connected manner.”

The first element is the in-store experience at Selfridges. On Thursday, January 26th, Selfridges globally premiered the L.I.L.Y fragrance. Gin Lane assisted the launch with a large interactive video installation in a front window of the store. Passers by on the street can walk-by and have their motion detected by two Microsoft Kinect cameras.

When visitors passed in front of the cameras, the motion triggered a switch from pre-set video content to beautiful, exclusive behind-the-scenes video of Malgosia Bela during the campaign shoot. It’s very cool and a mixture of private (Selfridges) and public (the sidewalk). Selfridges placed two large 85” TV’s in the windows, featuring HD videos that contain a top layer, gently removed to reveal the bottom layer video–all based on passerby movement and motion, creating a unique interactive art installation. Based on distance and motion along with the use of state-of-the-art gesture technology, users controlled the interplay between the two video monitors from Oxford Street.

This augmented reality experience was created with partner Aurasma. To ensure shoppers without smartphones are able to utilize the app’s advantages, three iPads were available in-store, also equipped with the augmented reality experience.

Stella McCartney also created a full, fun smart-phone app so that users in the U.K., but not in London, can be a part of the campaign. Users can watch the behind the scenes video, and swipe their fingers across the screen to reveal an abstract L.I.L.Y inspired video shot by the artist Dan Tobin Smith.

For the campaign, Gin Lane built also microsite using Facebook Canvas that is only available with an U.K. IP address. From Facebook, users can stay informed on the the roll-out and aspects of the campaign. Additionally, users can create beautiful collages using stills from the Malgosia Bela video and Dan’s video. Users can select up to three “stills” choose the placement, sizing and opacity.

When they are done they can share to Instagram, Twitter, email and Facebook, where there is a saved gallery featuring all uses photo collages. Fans of L.I.L.Y on Stella McCartney’s Facebook page can like and share these collage as well. Some are very beautiful.

“We are working closely with the Stella McCartney and L’Oreal teams on the U.K. roll out. Upon completion we are going to assist taking the campaign into other local markets. This gradual and selective roll-out is building upon the already big interest, and activating localized conversations specific to each market, in person and online,” said Shine.



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