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InsideFMM | July 30, 2015

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New York Fashion Week, Digital Goes Deep

New York Fashion Week is a bi-annual event where fashion editors, buyers, stylists and bloggers descend upon Manhattan to see the new styles offered by some of the world’s brightest design minds. It’s an exciting (and sometimes tiresome) eight days with over 300 shows on the schedule scattered throughout New York City. As a blogger, I am always looking for the major trends and reoccurring themes to report to my readers and use as an editorial guide for the next six months.

The trends on the runway for the Fall/Winter 2012 season were clear: peplum, leather, metallic, fur (faux and real) cowls and burnt orange. However, the biggest trend of all took place both on and off the runway: it was the use of digital innovations to share collections from established and up -and-coming designers. Examples were Lincoln Center’s use of Fashion GPS (QR codes), KCD’s launch of KCD Digital, and MADE’s iPhone app. New York Fashion Week has officially embraced going digital.

As the house lights went down and the show lights came up, attendees raised their digital cameras and smart phones to snap pictures of the show and share them on popular social networking sites. Major PR firms, designers and venues also sought ways to streamline the process of distributing information to attendees of an already hectic event. Lincoln Center used Fashion GPS to ease long check-in wait lines at shows.
A web-based technology with an accompanying iPhone app, the service is used worldwide by major firms and brands to alleviate scheduling nightmares for a variety of events, but primarily runway shows. New York Fashion Week attendees can instantly receive their seats on a receipt-like print out by simply scanning on their iPhones the QR codes that PR firms have sent them. It’s a simple and efficient way for guests to check-in without waiting in the long lines that appear before every show. And if you’re in heels, trust me this is Godsend!
KCD, one of the largest and most powerful fashion PR firms in the world, recently launched KCD Digital with King & Partners. The platform is basically a digital fashion show, however unlike most other live-streamed shows, KCD Digital is a private event that gives its select audience detailed information on styles shown on the digital runway.
This includes front and back views of each look, accessory information and details on hair and make-up. Even if you work at Vogue and have an all-access pass, information at this level would require you to talk to each team lead behind the scenes individually. Now, with the power of digital, industry leaders can gather a wealth of knowledge from their desks while eating a turkey club between shows. Because, yes, editors do eat.

The last, and perhaps most innovative digital addition to this season’s New York Fashion Week is MADE’s Fashion Week iPhone app. It syncs inaudible noises at fashion shows at MADE’s studios in downtown Manhattan and transmits information and photos from looks being shown on the runway instantly to your iPhone.

Users can then share these photos via sites like Twitter, make notes on styles and even create custom look books for their own later reference. The technology is called audio encoding and MADE partnered with Sonic Notify to make this next-level app a reality.

The fashion world may have been slow to embrace digital at first, however I believe that we are now leading the pack with innovative, fun and insightful technology.


  1. I LOVE that New York Fashion Week has embraced going digital! As a social media enthusiast and fashion fanatic, I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog; I love it and I learn so much from your posts. I just started up a fashion branding blog myself and hope that one day it will be as successful as yours! Thanks for all of the great information :)

    • Marguerite Darlington

      You are welcome! I will let Macala know you are a fan. She’s brilliant!

    • Thanks for the feedback! It was amazing to see everyone at all the events surrounding NYFW embrace digital!

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