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InsideFMM | July 30, 2015

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Barbie’s Dream Closet Augments NYFW

Everyone’s favorite fashion-loving doll from Malibu is making her stake at New York Fashion Week like never before! This year, Barbie: The Dream Closet opens to the public in a larger-than-life way at the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center.

Created by the interactive experts at Zugara, the augmented reality experience will allow Fashion Week guests to virtually try on some of Barbie’s most iconic, playful and glamorous outfits from the past 50 years. Three different kiosks will allow fans of all ages to literally step into Barbie’s closet and try on one of 30 fab fashions for sharing and printing.

On February 10, a similar AR experience will be unlocked for all Barbie fans on, where users can activate their webcams to try on Barbie’s fashions at home. Launching with 30 pieces in five different collections (career, couture, vintage, fairytale and Ken), The Dream Closet will allow fans of all ages to choose outfits to try on, take pictures wearing their selected looks and easily share them with their friends. Just like any closet, The Dream Closet will continue to grow as new fashions are added throughout the year to celebrate Barbie’s 2012 career as a fashion designer.

Fans can currently visit the Dream Closet site to layer Barbie‚Äôs iconic wardrobe with other “Barbie-esque” designer pieces using an embedded Polyvore mini-editor.

The Behind Pink Doors portion features editorial content from high-authority fashion influencers (stylists, designers, icons), shared exclusively with Barbie – including Coco Rocha, Alexis Bittar and Dylan Lauren. These stories speak to the transformative nature of fashion and the impact of certain pieces on a special occasion or moment. There is even a social game, Barbie’s Fashionista Photo Shoot, that you can play until The Dream Closet opens!

For those of you in New York, The Dream Closet will then officially open to the public on Saturday, February 11, then stay open through Monday, February 13. Barbie is encouraging her dolls and guests to step inside #TheDreamCloset and #SeeWhatHappens when you play with @barbiestyle. There will also be Foursquare tips for everyone that checks in.


  1. That’s actually pretty cool, and genius marketing. Excellent use of technology to create a scenario in which people are positively interacting with the brand. Very good idea.

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