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InsideFMM | August 4, 2015

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eBay’s Magento Go Makes eCommerce Beautiful

In 2011, eBay acquired Magento, an eCommerce platform that I think is one of the best online business tools in the world. We know that eBay has a knack for acquiring create technologies and the future of Magento is now being shown with the launch of Magento Go for eBay merchants and sellers.

Mangento Go allows eBay merchants to simultaneously sell on eBay as well as sell directly from their own website. The platform is also open to anyone who wants to set up an online shop.

The diversity of current shops is impressive, there are spice merchants, importers of Mexican textiles, fashion retailers and interior design house that are open to trade business only.

Our Favorites include Jules Seltzer Associates, Velorbis, The Herschel Supply Co. and Collective Habit.

Magento Go features

With Magento Go, there is no software to install and configure as well as no servers to manage for merchants. eBay handles the technology so you can focus on running and growing your online business.

Customize your store design

Magento Go helps you design your store to support your brand, products and customers, regardless of your design skills. Simple WordPress like features help you select colors, upload images, change pay layouts and optimize them (with built-in SEO) and sell.

For more advanced teams with HTML and CSS knowledge, you’re able to to completely customize the look and feel of the entire store, you can even upload custom JavaScript.

Customizable options, configurable products and layered browsing

Magento Go’s product catalog is completely flexible and will support any type of product you want to sell. Sell products with product-specific options (e.g. color and size for clothing and megapixels and zoom for digital cameras).

You can create as many options as you like, or link multiple products to create groups and bundles. You can also create configurable options for customers to select before adding a product to their shopping cart.

Get found through search engines

Magento Go will help make your store and products more visible and easily findable to customers through search engines. No need to hire an SEO company. The system offers:

  • Complete control over your urls. No strange characters or long, unintelligible strings ot numbers and letters. Everything is completely search-engine friendly.
  • Complete control of meta information. Customize meta keywords, descriptions and titles for each product and category.
  • Automatically generated site map and Google site map.
  • Dynamic landing pages. Utilize SEM and contextual ad pages. You are able to host promotions for specific search terms. Optimize landing pages to raise your rankings for key terms that do not apply to specific products or categories.

Build and retain customers through rewards

Magento Go provides you with a complete toolbox to retain your customers and build customer loyalty. Coupons, gift cards and page specific banners are built in.

Increase interactivity and engagement through great customer experience

Magento Go provides amazing customer engagement tools to help you grow your reach. Customer-assisted shopping, product comparisons, ratings and reviews, wish lists and social product

sharing are all included.

Robust Platform Extensions

Magento go also offers amazing platform extensions to develop advance analytical reports, create rich social experiences through Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, streamline shipping, extend your products to other marketplaces to increase sales and even integrate MailChimp and your email services.

Thus far, there isn’t anything I don’t like. You can find the product tour and all the technical specifications on the website.

Magento Go pricing

As you can see from the pricing list, Magento Go is flexible and offers a plan for everyone. Prices range between $15 to $125 per month. But with their $1 million dollar stimulus fund, which they recently created to help entrepreneurs and small business owners like yourself get started online, the cost is $0 to $110 per month for your first year. Check out the video for details.

I find this impressive really, having conceptualized and supervised numerous sites built on Magento’s platform. It leaves me giddy because it makes utilizing this amazing platform so economical and easy. Interested in Magento Go? We recommend signing up for the full 30 day trial, testing out all the features and seeing how you like it. They offer full 24/7 support, an in-depth knowledge base for help and keep all their updates posted to their blog.

Insider Tip: We would love to see the “want” and “own” buttons that they recently began to support via Facebook’s Open Graph incorporated into this.


  1. Macala,
    Thank you for the detailed article on MagentoGo. As all Magento products, it is amazing to see what fantastic things the ecosystem of smart developers, designers and merchants do on and with our technology!.
    Are we going to see you at Magento’s Imagine Ecommerce Conference in April? Love to have you there

    Bob Schwartz
    President, Magento

  2. hello , i open new online stor market and i install to my website magento commerce but i dont know about this anything i need some help,please if someone can help me online its be nice thanks for all

    • Marguerite Darlington

      Any Magneto developers out there who can help our loyal reader?

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