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InsideFMM | July 30, 2015

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New Year, New Directions: FMM Turns Three

I want to start this post off by saying that I hope all of our readers have had happy holidays are are ready to start 2012 with passion, determination and excitement that you have never experienced before.

Can you believe that FashionablyMarketing.Me is turned three this month? I am suffering for a little disbelief at what this website has become since I started in 2009 as a way for me to personally explore social media and fashion.

As you can tell, it’s anything but a personal blog at this point. The content and direction has expanded and matured in correlation with all the technological advance in the digital space in the past three year. I don’t know about you, but I’m a little breatheless.

New Year, New Directions

This year, you’re going to see some changes in regards to FMM. Myself and the staff have come to the point where the map of this site is abundantly clear.

Publishing Less Frequently

FMM will only publish 3-4 articles per week. As content partnerships expand and trade and consumer-oriented sites grow, the web is becoming noisier and noisier. We don’t want to contribute to digitally overwhelming you. We’re going deeper and farther that we’ve ever gone. We will speak when we have something to say that will help your brand, company or you as an individual grow in positive ways.

Expanding Our Content

You may have noticed that FMM has been talking about video, entertainment, licensing and event interior design and beauty lately. We are going to continue this trend. Technology has so intertwined these verticals and industries that they no longer can be singled out. There is a lack of tactical content in all of them so we’re going to bring it to you here.

Also, we’re going to have focus a bit less on New York and start focusing more on our local home ofCalifornia and also dimensionalizing all the places we’re visiting this year – both domestic and international.

Tumblr, Pinterest and Real-Time Inspiration

If you love our fun, fluffy and more inspirational content, we not giving it up, we’re moving it to our Tumblr and Pinterest accounts, feel free to follow us on both.You won’t find the same content on FMM that you find on those accounts. We’re 100% original around here.

Master Classes and Our Innovation Summit

This year, I’ve decided to teach small classes (groups of 15, on Saturdays of course) in order to help professionals understand specific areas of digital marketing here in Los Angeles. We’re starting with Facebook, content strategy and video, we hope to see you there!

I’m also partnering with my long time business colleague Jennifer Margolin to relaunch our well-known Retail Camp as the FMM Innovation Summit.

Jennifer and I have worked together for the past 14 months and we feel that there is still a conference that caters to lifestyle, entertainment and technology in Los Angeles that allows professionals to network and truly learn from industry experts on what works and doesn’t in the digital space. I’m excited about our new endeavor.

Advertising, Email and Macala’s First Business Book

Starting in February, my first book will be available on FMM and I can’t tell you how excited I am. Our new managing editor, Marguerite Darlington, has made this dream a reality.

We’ve also partnered with iSocket to manage advertising on FMM (check it out) and with MailChimp to create an amazing bi-monthly newsletter on all that’s best on the web (subscribe to the right). So basically, however you want us, you have us! We look forward to an amazing 2012 with all of our readers and followers.

All My Best,

Macala Wright, Publisher, FMM & InsideFMM

Images: Soulful Affluence – New Year, New You | Macala Wright


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday FMM & InsideFMM, and congratulations Macala Wright! I’m looking forward to watching your fashion, technology and design blog continue to succeed.

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