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InsideFMM | July 31, 2015

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Bloggers, Transmedia, Silicon Valley Fashion + The Snow White Movies

New York Topic Of The Week – Bloggers

This week WWD profiled five of the top fashion bloggers on the web. The biggest commonality in their report – bloggers make over 50% of their revenue from online advertising. responded with an exploration on trust when it comes to bloggers’ editorial integrity. Digital Brand Architects is quoted on the validity of top tier fashion talent and revealed they’ve recently signed Jane Alridge of Sea Of Shoes.

We’ve been watching the shift in the fashion blogosphere for the past year and predict in 2012 that current models will come toppling down on themselves. The best voices and personalities will survive and brands will change their practices in how they work with bloggers and online influencers. They will continue to be come weary of agents unless it’s CAA, a necessary entity.

San Francisco Topics Of The Week – Technology

Refinery29 San Francisco is starting to over take Gilt City and Daily Candy in the quest to dominate the Bay Area. Most online website are starting to learn the key to any SF bay fashion aficionado’s heart is adding technology, apps, DIY and just a little foodspotting into the editorial mix. Recently Refinery29 took us inside Google HQ to “street style profile” the best dressed in the company. They then immediately featured the 20 must follow local SF accounts on Instagram. Go Refinery go.

Digital Topic Of The Week - Visual Storytelling

The beautiful Lauren Indvik of Mashable continues the discusson one of the biggest trends of 2012 – online video. Video, aka transmedia narratives or cross-platform storytelling, highlights the evolution of branded content. The new challenge is branded entertainment that gives the customer less words and more visuals (photos, video) to stimulate their minds and immerse them in the brand experience. Following the trend of immersive experiences, the New York Times launched it’s beautiful fashion app for iPad this week.

Los Angeles Topic Of The Week – Snow White Movies

There isn’t much digital news coming out of Los Angeles this week, but what we are abuzz about are the new Snow White films – Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and The Huntsman. Our main focus is Julia Roberts versus Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen. Frankly, our money is on Charlize, but we left wondering if Kristen Stewart is really fairer than her. We think not.

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