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InsideFMM | July 28, 2015

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Longchamp Leverages Video & Bloggers For International Luxury Launch

Guest post by Shirley Pellicer. Based between Paris and New York, Pellicer is a Marketing Digital specialist for luxury brands. She created the SPNY InterActive Agency in 2009.

To launch its new collection, Longchamp Paris signed an ambitious international campaign, combining CRM, Social Media and Video

To present its new leather goods collection named Balzane, Longchamp takes us on a restless race through Paris with Audrey Marnay chasing the new Balzane Bag. Through a series of videos (built in annotations), users are invited to seek the new Fall Winter 2011 it bag by Longchamp, following clues shared by three fashion bloggers: French Eleonore Bridge (Le Bolg de la Méchante), Chinese Jing Wang, and American Rumy Neely (Fashion Toast).

A few days after the video was released, select Lonchamp clients received a Pass Balzane from their local Longchamp store. From September 15th until October 1st, a key chain was offered for any purchase of a bag from the new collection. For a luxury brand, this is a good example of complementarity CRM, Brand Content/Video and Social Media strategies.

As we met her at the Flow Conference in Paris on September 26th, Julia Turner, Digital Manager at Longchamp, spoke with us on the details of this global and unprecedented campaign for the brand.

(Paris) – Interview : Julia Turner, Longchamp, Digital Manager

How is this digital/video/blog operation part of the global launch plan for the new Balzane collection ?

We initially went for the video to conquer a very powerful audience, yet volatile and demanding, and to create a difference from more classic, little interactive campaigns. Longchamp offers immersive and aspirational content designed around the brand’s values and intended to please, among others, the bloggers so sought after these days. Keep On Riding is first and foremost a brand content campaign in total synergy with the Press, Outdoor, PR and CRM Longchamp strategies.

How did you pick the partner bloggers ?

We looked for powerful bloggers, either because they are strong personalities in their home country, like Jing Wang, or because they have a real influence on fashion, like Toast, the blog of which has just been elected better blog of the year and best blogger. They also have large audiences and allow us to reach a very qualified type of readership.

It is important to note that they all act in this movie, each of them, having an important role in the Balzane search. It was fundamental for us that they become part of the project, before becoming a Longchamp ambassador for their respective readers. It all worked very well.

How was the operation set up?

The operation was conceived simultaneously as a classic movie with a script, a good director… but specifically made for digital to satisfy YouTube users and bloggers’ criteria, and with a participative dimension through the motorcycle ride in a magnificent Paris.

It’s finally relived with media plan in eight countries: USA, Germany, France, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong.

For example on Yuku in China, (the equivalent of YouTube) the interactivity technology was specifically developed for this Longchamp campaign, it is thus a world premiere! Longchamp has always been innovative in digital media, and this was the perfect opportunity for the brand to express herself on this new media. Longchamp still has a lot to tell digitally.


  1. Lonchamp customers can choose by the local store from Balzane Longchamp unkempt appearance of the supervision of loose unkempt appearance cub10. From September 15,, October 1, a key chain provide any purchase a bag from a group of new. For a luxury brand, this is a good example, complementary CRM, brand content/video and social media strategy.

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