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InsideFMM | July 29, 2015

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Wednesday Wisdom: What The Fashionable Are Reading On The Web


Photo: D’Portfolio In Sydney Australia – Macala Wright

Favorite Of The Month:

Tech Crunch – Don’t Be Fooled By Vanity Metrics

“The real data is retention and repeat usage.” Start-ups that focus on the real metrics can make their products better, attract more customers, and make them happier. Vanity metrics are things like registered users, downloads, and raw page views. They are easily manipulated, and do not necessarily correlate to the numbers that really matter: active users, engagement, the cost of getting new customers, and ultimately revenues and profits.

VC Fred Wilson blogged today about his 30/10/10 rule: 30 percent of downloads or registered users are active once a month, 10 percent are active once a day, and 10 percent of the daily users will be the maximum number of concurrent users. These are the patterns he is seeing in his portfolio companies and the startups pitching him. – Eric Ries to Eric Schonfeld

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Food For Thought

A Roadmap To A Life That Matters

Put what, why, and who you love ahead of what, why, and who you don’t, and your roadmap will begin to write itself. – Harvard Business Review

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