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InsideFMM | July 29, 2015

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Five Fashion + Beauty Brands With Excellent Blogger Practices

Last week, I published a piece on How-To Fix: The Broken Relationships Between Bloggers And Brands. I must admit that I was quite nervous, even a little afraid, to publish this piece. I wondered if it be perceived as too snarky or even too honest. Well, honesty is sometimes the best policy. To my delight, most of our readers loved this piece. So thank you for reading.

In the article, I mentioned that I’d give five examples of brands who have beautiful marketing practices when it comes to bloggers. So here they are:

1. Coach

Let’s face it, and call a spade a spade. Coach has made blogger-brand collaboration cool, and they’ve set the bar in how a brand should work with bloggers.

Coach has made an art of leveraging bloggers’ brand as extensions of their brand and made very creative ways to incorporate them into the marketing of handbags designed by these women. We also give them props for using emerging talent and mixing them with more established fashion personalities.

2. Club Monaco

Almost a year ago, I named Club Monaco “one the best examples of branded fashion content online.” This year, they’ve taken yet another social marketing award for their unique use of bloggers. From the Brown’s Blogger Series with Shop 24 to hosting A Tweetup when it launched e-commerce on shopbop, and from doing cool things with disposable cameras to having Culture Club written by Sara Zucker, we’re simply smitten!

Sara Zucker

3. shopbop

Denim is a staple in any style blogger’s wardrobe, and shopbop knows this. Over a year ago, this online retailer did something ingenious: they sponsored one of the most influential and beautiful (inside and out) bloggers, Jennine Jacob, to write a blog about nothing but denim (and a few accessories here and there). Eat, Sleep, Denim has been continuously supported by the retailer. We love their dedication and consistent support of Jacob.


DKNY has been impressive on many levels. From designing amazing handbags with BagSnob to awesome DKNY cozy style-offs, DKNY has been an amazing brand who encourages aspiring fashionistas to follower their fashionable dreams via Twitter. We’ve interviewed DKNY PR GIRL and we’ve also worked with her on fun online blogger-oriented projects. So from personal experience, we know that the brand holds bloggers in high regard.

5. MAC Cosmetics

We know MAC is a beauty brand, but fashion and beauty go hand in hand. MAC recently flew nine bloggers to Toronto to help them develop a line of cosmetics that were available on it’s website through August 2, 2011. Reading the participants’ blog posts, they were head over heels in love with the process. MAC successfully created positive experiences for all the participants and there was real sense of community for the collaboration. Well done!

No one <3′s MAC more than a Beauty Blogger. To thank Amber Katz, Lesley Ellen Mirza, Lianne Farbes, Wendy Lam, Christine Mielke, Patrice Grell Yursik, Lily Nima, Karen Monterichard & Aileen De Los Angeles for their passionate devotion & always honest feedback, we invited them to our lab to custom create their own Eye Shadow or Lipglass. Exclusively online, just like the makeup-mad minds that invented them. - MAC Cosmetics

Please note that we interviewed and spoke to bloggers who’ve worked with all companies profiled in this piece. They’re reported nothing but positive experiences. DKNY is brand we’re worked with ourselves and based inclusion off our experiences.




  1. Really interesting post. Bloggers can play such a major role in cultivating a brands profile. We blog for the love of it…and its so good to see companies appreciating the hard work that goes into it and working with the bloggers.

    • Thank you for the amazing comment. We couldn’t agree more!

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