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InsideFMM | August 1, 2015

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Local Social Marketing Success With ROOST

More and more businesses are going social every day. The hard truth is that engaging with your audience through social media requires time, effort, organization and often money. That’s why social marketing platforms are becoming more important. And, when we can find an affordable tool that helps us build our brand, reach our audience and get the job done, we know it’s our responsibility to share our discoveries with those who will appreciate them most — you.

So today, we’re sharing Roost. Founded in 2007, this San Francisco based company is committed to building the best social marketing platform for individual professionals, businesses, consultants and agencies. The platform creates tools that save its customers time, increase engagement and increase the impact of social campaigns.

Roost strives to answer the question, “how do I get the most out of social networks for my business?”


Roost offers three plans, two of which are free. Roost’s tools can help individuals and businesses stand out, grow their networks, develop loyal customers, build brand awareness and effectively manage multiple social accounts.

Roost FREE Plans And Features

Roost Campaign Creator is free and includes these features:

  • Helps you create powerful marketing campaigns across Facebook, Twitter
  • Does the work for you by suggesting actual content, types of posts, and when to post
  • Allows you to join forces with the people around you to increase the reach of each other’s campaigns

Roost Real Estate Lite is free and includes these features:

  • Establish a professional presence on Facebook
  • Stay top of mind by publishing great content
  • Expand your network and get more referral business
  • Works well with Roost Campaign Creator
  • Up to 4 Listings
  • 1 City or Zip Code

How Roost Works


  1. Never heard of Roost before but it seems to be a good SM company, thanks for sharing, will check it out

  2. Thanks so much Krista! We’re proud to have all sorts of Fashion and Beauty industry users. A couple are listed below. Please give us a try – Roost is free and very easy to get started with.


    Alex Chang, CEO

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