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InsideFMM | July 28, 2015

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INFOGRAPH: Social Networking Use In Asia Pacific

Endelman Digital visually maps out the social media habits of internet users all across Asia. The data comes from PC-based internet users only, excluding substantial chunk of Asian users using their mobile and internet cafes.

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Social Network Use In Pacific Asia

Insights From The Shanghaist: Facebook‘s slow and steady world domination.

Insights From Penn Olsen: Penn Olson points out that Facebook surpasses Wretch in Taiwan, with 58% online penetration.

Insights From Jon Russell at Asian Correspondent: Read Full Opinion Here

Where is Thailand?

Ignoring any favouritism from yours truly, as a resident in the country, Thailand is glaring omission from the featured markets.

Thailand has grown into an established digital giant in the region ranking inside the top 20 Facebook markets with (fast approaching) 10 million members – which puts it sixth amongst the featured countries. Growthwise over the last six months, Thailand’s Facebook membership has increased by 50%, a rate bettered only by India and Brazil amongst Facebook’s biggest country markets.

Thailand is also noted for its strong social networking habits and, in particular, sharing of photos and videos online, while its use of mobile is also strong, though its fixed (and broadband) internet penetration is somewhat lower than the other markets included in the research.

comScore data

The data used to compile the statistics is taken from comScore which, as I mentioned in a previous post, has a lot of questions to answer about its measurement methodology in developing regions where it is unable to track mobile internet usage or public (internet cafe) sessions, both of which are key access points for many across Asia. Thus its statistics, interesting though they are, are by no means an accurate reflection of actual usage patterns in the region.

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