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InsideFMM | August 4, 2015

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Blogger Spotlight: Pandora’s Box

Pandora's BoxWe discovered Sarah Whitney and her beyond gorgeous personal style blog, Pandora’s Box, when she attended Retail Camp. Whitney infuses fashion into her work and play.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in motion picture video production at Brooks Institute, Whitney earned an AA in merchandise marketing at FIDM Los Angeles. In addition to producing eye-catching content for her blog, Whitney works as an online sales and marketing assistant for a women’s luxury clothing boutique.

We were happy to catch up with the Whitney after Retail Camp so we could learn more about the lovely fashion professional behind Pandora’s Box.

FMM: Why did you choose the name Pandora’s Box for your blog?

SW: The story of Pandora had always piqued my interest. She let all these horrible things into the world, but along with them, came hope. In the literal sense, I was looking at my blog as a sort of box or container where I would keep my thoughts and ideas.

FMM: How would you describe your blog’s niche? Who is your audience?

SW: My boyfriend Ryan’s amazing photography has helped turn the blog into a sort of outfit/photography hybrid. I’d say that’s the niche. I like to think that a person could have an interest in either or both of those categories and still find my blog appealing. Geographically, my audience is mainly from Southern California or New York, but I have readers from all over the globe. I’d describe my typical reader as someone similar to myself, a teenage or 20-something woman who’s wildly obsessed with fashion!

FMM: What inspires you in your blogging?

SW: Oftentimes it’s the process of finding the locations at which we shoot. I’ll see the place and think oh, this is just screaming out for such-and-such a look. I’m also inspired by all of the lovely people who read my blog. Knowing there are folks out there that continually return to my blog motivates me to produce the best content I can.

FMM: What are 3 of your favorite websites to read?

SW: I’m a TMZ junkie! Anyone who lives in the LA area can appreciate their snarky yet intelligent take on Hollywood. The same goes for The Cut; their writers have a great sense of humor when it comes to the fashion industry. I also regularly check up on queen Rumi of Fashiontoast. That girl sets the gold standard for fashion blogs, so it’s important to take note!

FMM: What are 5 of your favorite fashion brands?

SW: Elizabeth & James: Great basics with a twist!
Mink Pink: Super on-trend at a great price point
Balmain: Their trashy-chic aesthetic is so fun, too bad the clothes cost as much as a car
H&M: No one does fast fashion better
LF: I love hitting up their big sales

Pandora's Box

FMM: What is your style mantra?

SW: Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.

FMM: What social networks and fashion communities do you use? Why?

SW: Facebook: Nearly everyone has a Facebook and they’re usually on it multiple times a day, so it makes reaching out super easy. Also, the commenting system is great because it allows conversations to involve more than 2 people, unlike Twitter.

Twitter: Great way to make a personal connection with readers and brands.

IFB: I don’t participate much in the community, but I devour every article! Literally a never ending source of outfit inspiration. It’s a great way to promote your blog as well; everyone there is already interested in fashion!

FMM: What are 3 bits of advice you can offer to other personal style bloggers?

SW: 1: Try not to compete or compare yourself to others. That’s a pretty good life rule, actually.
2: If you’re serious about photos, invest in a good camera. Better yet, invest in good lenses! And learn how to work natural light to your advantage; flash is so tricky to use.

3: Blogging is about connecting with others. Get out there and comment on other blogs. Don’t be an island!

Follow Sarah Whitney on Twitter @S_Whitney.

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