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InsideFMM | July 30, 2015

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Heavenly Handbags: Q & A with Designer Kasia Dietz

Kasia DietzKasia Dietz Handbags specializes in unique + reversible handbags, totes and clutches — made {with love} in Paris. Recently featured in Marie Claire and Huffington Post Style, the woman-owned brand is recognized for its New York-meets-Paris flair.

We sat down with Kasia Dietz to learn more about the designer and her fashion-forward indie handbag label.

FMM: In terms of designing your bags, how has Paris inspired you or changed the way you do or look at things? Do you find that New Yorkers and Parisians have very different tastes in handbags or surprisingly similar tastes in handbags?

KD: Since moving to Paris, I have begun to pay more attention to the personal details that create a look. The streets reveal a constant fashion show. Though Paris, like NY is driven by trends, Parisiens tend to accentuate their individual style rather than mimic what is currently a la mode. Women in Paris are not afraid to stand out and make a statement, most often with their carefully chosen accessories, and always in a demure and elegant way.

In terms of handbags, the tastes of NYers and Parisians are similar and range from big names to independent designers such as myself, depending on the consumer and their tastes. What is considered ‘downtown chic’ in NYC is ‘bobo’ in Paris, a mélange of bourgouis and boheme. Much of the style in both NYC and Paris is indicative of the neighborhood.

FMM: What do you think are the main differences between the American and the French markets? The New York and the Parisian markets?

KD: France is less a market of consumption than America. It’s much easier and less costly to shop in the USA, particularly NYC. Thus, the French choose quality over quantity and carefully select their purchases versus shopping on a whim.

New York and Paris are both considered fashion capitals. In my opinion and experience, New Yorkers follow trends more closely, many of these trends being dictated by Hollywood celebrities; while Parisians, being more mindful of brands and quality, create their own, more timeless style.

Kasia Dietz Handbags

FMM: You have a strong online presence, with an online store, blog, Twitter and Facebook page. Did you become involved in social media and online networking before or after you made your big move from New York to Paris?

KD: My initiation into social media began via a blog I started during a trip around the world in 2007, as a way to stay connected with family and friends. I was instantly amazed at the ease of communication and exchange of information. After returning to NYC, falling in love and moving to Paris in 2009, my second blog, Love in the City of Lights, came to life. It has since taken off, due in part to the vast social network I have built via Twitter — @KasiaInParis.

Once I launched my handbag website — — I continued online networking via Twitter — @KasiaDietzBags — and my Facebook page. Both have proved to be essential tools in expanding my business.

FMM: We love how your handbags are reversible. How did that idea come about?

KD: I’ve always been fascinated with versatility in design, as well as duality in human nature. So, I created handbags which can be reversed, depending on a person’s taste or mood. One side vibrant, and the other more subtle. Why not have fun with fashion?


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    Love her bags, definitely a way to stand out in Paris!

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