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InsideFMM | August 4, 2015

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Who’s The Real THE COVETED?

Last week, we noticed that the domain sprang to life; a recent feature in Refinery29 has now dubbed this fashion site “the Shelby for Closets.” While we love this new site and love it’s beautiful images, we have serious problem with it…IT’S NOT THE REAL THE COVETED.

The real THE COVETED is a personal website that features voyeuristic glances inside fashion blogger and entrepreneur Jennine Jacob’s life. Jacob, a woman that I’ve come to respect over the past four years, is the founder of Independent Fashion Bloggers and creator of Evolving Influence, the first ever style blogger conference held in New York during Fashion Week. Since early 2007, The Coveted has been her blog and her life’s work; from Germany to New York, I’ve followed this beautiful spirit.

How come I feel like this is violation? An unfashionable domain squat? As this new site, created by designer Erin Kleinberg and Stephanie Mark, seems to hit too close to Jacob’s well established blog. Is this something that they intentionally were waiting to do?

Or did Kleinberg and Mark purchase their new domain for an exorbitant amount of money knowing the cost was worth it because of the direct and indirect traffic that would come from it; traffic mostly like coming from people searching for Jacob? Maybe I am wrong, but this smells fashionably fowl.

FMM readers, what do you think? Intentional or accidental?


  1. loudpen

    Yes, this is a really whack move indeed. Especially because of Jennine's fierce presence as a fashion blogger. She's not only a top blogger but she created the IFB which is a site that transitioning professional bloggers like myself use everyday. Like you stated in the article, it was probably a weak attempt at getting some of her site's traffic but you can't seem that desperate. Why couldn't they use the “if you build it they will come mantra” instead of trying to steal her shine? No bueno.

  2. Can you believe that. I personally am not okay with this. I am lucky to married to a lawyer, when this happened to me. I went straight to my general counsel and took serious action. The site was down in seven days.


  4. Stevethelazyone

    Jacob has no grounds for a lawsuit. “” domain was free for the taking and Jacob must know that. Not to mention that Jacob's site is a fashion blog, and the other strictly showcases closets… 2 different ideas

  5. I know she has no grounds, I luckily did when I had a similar issue. There is different content with both Coveteds and different brand identities. But you can't tell me that there aren't striking similarities; anyone can see the parallels to Jennine's personal brand. It's a disgrace that brands and bigger sites are now graying the lines in this way. Feels like Forever 21 copying original designs – nothing you can do, but you know it was done.

  6. fashionloverliz

    Actually she does. She can apply for a trademark for 'the coveted' and since she has established a vast presence for 'the coveted' over the years she will likely get it. Then the fake 'the coveted' will have to give up the domain.

  7. Actually she Jennine's THE COVETED is Trademarked! Great point! We've referred Jennine to several attorneys to help her with this matter.

  8. fashionloverliz

    That's great news!

  9. Steve, sorry, that strikes me as a very lame argument. One is a fashion blog, and the other is a website about closets, full of fashionable clothes? And certainly no one would ever have started such a site without years and years of fashion bloggers creating unique and interesting content about fashion, including documenting what they and others wear – just like documenting what very fashionable people have in their closets.

  10. I agree. Something seems a little shady to take a name of an already VERY established blogger.

  11. This is what's referred to as “passing off” and it's bullshit. Team Jennine! Good luck brandishing your trademark iron, I've been through it and know all too well.

  12. Princesspoochie

    Its TACKY TACKY TACKY of them to use this name!

  13. It's SO lame really.. what's funny is I did a search for Jennine the other day – typed THE COVETED in google – and ended up at the new “” and IMMEDIATELY wondered if Jennine knew about it. I'll admit, I was outraged for her. At the time I had no idea that it was a creation of the Refinery 29 crew ….which now makes me dislike them even more actually.

    It's funny when you become part of the blogging world, you get to see first hand who is loyal & helpful & friendly ….and who is not. I've met Jennine in person, she IS one of the few that is all those things I listed above. Refinery 29, among MANY others are not. Not even close. But I guess in the end, it's all business as usual, or high school as usual.

    I hope Jennine comes out on top of this one.

  14. just to clarify, if I confused the creators of the new “coveted” with Refinery, I retract my statement, lol. Obviously confusion ensued ;)

  15. I really feel for Jennine, to have someone copy your site and use your name is really awful. We've had that a few times with wikifashion, albeit very minor issues have arisen that no one really would have noticed. Hopefully this gets sorted out soon!

    I just read her post and the strange thing is, the company said they had no previous knowledge of her blog, however she was on their mailing list? Another thing that strikes me as strange is that with all of their connections and press that they have garnered, surely they could have chosen another name and built success around that. To name themselves thecoveted was destined to confuse many people in the online fashion world. Obviously they didn't really think that through well enough.

  16. Some people have no ethics.

  17. LeeBee

    I'm team Jennine all the way. I feel like there is no way that this could have been unintentional. The Original The Coveted is popular that you would have to be living under a rock to not know about it. Such a disappointment that some people think that they can just take your ideas and ride on your coat-tails.

  18. MadeleineGallay

    It;s a dirty business to infringe on the good will and intellectual property of a fashion blogger with a large following. The claim that they were unaware of Jennine's site is insulting in its duplicity and expectation that anyone with an interest in being a new member of the fashion community wouldn't check all name combinations. Strangely, the new site could capitalize on good will were it to swiftly change its name. Playing a game with high priced lawyers is an ugly thing and few bloggers have access to the kind of money to let this go to fruition. Such a dirty thing to do.

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