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InsideFMM | August 2, 2015

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FRIEND ME! The Latest In How To Get Noticed On Facebook

Get Noticed On Facebook
Thomas Weber, a technology editor at The Daily Beast, recently examined the Facebook status feed algorithm by conducting a month long study.

Through his own observation and experimentation, Weber uncovered the following 10 Facebook secrets:

  1. Newcomer bias: New accounts don’t appear in the status feed updates as frequently as Facebook veterans.
  2. A catch-22: To appear in the status feed more frequently, you need people to interact with your feed, i.e. “like,” share, comment, etc.  However, people cannot do these things when your feed is not showing up for them.
  3. Exclusivity of “Top News”: It’s not the quantity of what you post, but the quality.
  4. Censorship on “Most Recent News”: You need to go to “Edit Options” in your “Most Recent” feed to set your feed cap to max, otherwise you will miss some friends’ updates.
  5. Stalking” others’ content doesn’t work: No matter how much you check a friend or company’s Facebook page, photos and links, this doesn’t help get you noticed.
  6. People “stalking” your content works: When people click on your photos and links, you become more popular and your status updates will begin appearing in your friends’ feeds.
  7. Links are better than status updates: Facebook is biased in favor of links (perhaps because they promote user interaction more than status updates).  Links will get you noticed faster than plain status updates.
  8. Photos and videos are even better than links: Facebook likely sees photos and videos as more engaging content, so these will get you noticed faster than straight status updates or even links.
  9. Receiving comments helps: The more comments your content receives, the more likely it will be to appear in your friends’ status feed updates.
  10. The snob factor: People with lots of friends are less likely to notice your status updates compared to friends with less friends.

While Weber admits that this study isn’t foolproof, and that Facebook likely has many more secrets that make the status feed even more mysterious, this is helpful information, especially for businesses on Facebook.

Combined with this information and the knowledge of what a company’s Facebook page must do, businesses can tailor their Facebook content and interaction to better suit their brand’s goals.  One of the biggest goals for every company is to be seen and heard!


  1. Valilouli

    wao I didn't know half of those facts! Thanks for sharing. It is very interesting.

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