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InsideFMM | August 1, 2015

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How Levi’s Brand Is Reaching Gen Y With Levi’s Girl Campaign

Last week, Levi’s brand announced the search for the second-ever “Levi’s Girl,” the online voice of Levi’s women!
The search is on for authentic, stylish and social media-savvy millennial women.

Users will be able to submit videos documenting why they should be chosen as the new online face and voice for Levi’s using its crowdsourcing Facebook app.

“Last year we empowered the first-ever ‘Levi’s Girl’ – Meghan Smith – who brilliantly captured the female spirit of the brand and engaged directly with our fan base and global Shape What’s to Come community,” said Kristin Bannister, Levi’s Director of Women’s & Digital Marketing.  ”We’re thrilled to open up the search again to find the next social media superstar who will speak to millennial women around the world.”

The new “Levi’s Girl” will allow the brand voice for women to be heard and engage directly with the Levi’s fan base and global Shape What’s to Come community.

Here’s how the contest works:

  • Interested candidates are encouraged to submit their entries through February 2, 2011. The Levi’s brand will select the top five submissions.
  • Community members will then have one week, February 16-23, to vote for their favorite candidate amongst the top five.

The lucky winner will be announced March 7, 2011 and receive a six-month paid position to work alongside the “Levi’s Guy” in the Levi’s marketing department. The new “Levi’s Girl” will be relocated by the company to work at its headquarters in San Francisco.

How Does Levi’s Hope To Reach Gen Y With This Campaign?

“Levi’s established as a global community encouraging Millennial women to discover and pursue their passions and potential.  As a brand with a history of embodying the energy and events of our times, we feel it’s important to better understand the mindset of up and coming Millennial women because of the significant cultural and societal impact they’ll have on the world.  It’s not just about being the biggest jeans brand for women—it’s also about being the most relevant and beloved brand.  We want to provide Millennial women around the world with products and opportunities that fit her – both literally and figuratively,” Mary Alderete, Vice President of Global Women’s Marketing told FashionablyMarketing.Me.

You can follow or join the campaign on Facebook. You can also read the in-depth interview on PR Couture.


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