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InsideFMM | August 2, 2015

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Teen Vogue Launches User Generated Site Fashion Click For Bloggers

Three years ago, Teen Vogue launched a user-generated content site; today  they’re moving their user generated model forward by launching The Fashion Click, a section of the site that features the latest and greatest style photos from style bloggers across the globe.

Style bloggers who want to be featured can apply to be a part of  The Fashion Click by answering a series of simple questions and then submitting their application through a Facebook Connect interface.

Great Benefits To Bloggers Who Join The Program

A feature that caught our attention was that unlike many social communities or user generated content sites, Teen Vogue likes to include all major social profiles of Fashion Click users!  The SEO value, traffic and exposure possibilities for the bloggers that are part of this program could potentially be very  great.

Do we think we’ll start to hear, “Fashion Click sends as much traffic to my blog as lookbook.NU!”?!?

We think so! We also think that the digital subscription to Nylon gifted to us by Urban Outfitters just became old news.

What We Love:  Marketing Insights

Here’s a little free marketing love to inspire you marketing geniuses. If I’m a brand already sponsoring a blogger who’s featured in Fashion Click, what’s the value of this new visibility channel? Before you run and start getting into this, please read Condé Nast’s TOs on advertising.

How A Blogger Joins The Program

Teen Vogue outlined their process for bloggers to qualify for the program.

General Blog Guidelines:

  • You agree to submit between two (2) and fifteen (15) posts each month that highlight your personal style and looks. Submitting less than two (2) or more than fifteen (15) posts during any month requires our prior written consent.
  • You must feature the Teen Vogue widget somewhere on your blog. The widget may be any size from 100×200 pixels to 300×450 pixels, and may be on your blog’s homepage or any subpage.

Post Guidelines:

  • You must tag each post “TeenVogue“.
  • You may also tag each post with one or more of the following categories, as appropriate: summer, spring, fall, winter, prom, graduation, hauls, urban, basics, lounging, formal, going-out, school work.
  • The content of each post should primarily be photographs of yourself in outfits. Each post must include at least two (2) photographs, including at least one (1) full-body photograph. Outfits shown must be free of distractions or obstructions, and must not be overly Photoshopped. Photographs should be of the highest possible resolution, and of generally high quality.
  • Each post should include a detailed description of every item worn in the photograph, including brands.
  • You may not post photographs that do not belong to you. You must own or control the copyright for every photograph you post. You may not post photographs that you obtain from the web. You represent and warranty that your posts will not infringe upon the personal or proprietary rights of or give rise to any claim by any third party, including but not limited to claims based on copyright, patent, defamation, physical injury, or invasion of privacy or publicity. In addition, in the event any complaint or claim relating to your posts is made by any third party at any time, whether by a formal legal complaint or otherwise, you will fully cooperate with us in responding to and defending against such complaint or claim. You own your blog and are legally responsible for its content.


Photos Courtesy of Teen Vogue


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