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InsideFMM | August 4, 2015

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Tickle Me Tuesday: John & Mary Bags

John & Mary BagsJohn & Mary bags are classic beauties, and I’m pretty much smitten with the small Classic Carryall bag, envisioning it paired with a printed dress and some strappy sandals.

This bag is perfect for a day trip or a quick travel excursion. Can’t you just imagine how nice it would look on your lap in a train or an airplane?

Furthermore, with simple (black leather on off white, black leather on black, chocolate leather on off white and brown suede on off white) color options, these bags will go with just about anything.  Just toss it on with pretty much any outfit, and it will be sure to make you look smart, chic and timeless.

If you are taking a longer trip, John & Mary also offer larger bags for all your needs.  You can also use the larger bags to carry laptops, go to the gym or use as a portfolio.

Better yet, all John & Mary bags are handcrafted in Los Angeles.  That means quality craftsmanship and a boost to the local economy.  Who doesn’t love that?

John & Mary was launched recently by Ric Muñoz, with help from his fiancee (how sweet!) and Franny designer Jeanell Suggs.  These travel bags are limited edition, so snatch them up while you can!  In August, John & Mary will come out with a new line of bags inspired by vintage polo duffels.

The bags start at $79  and retail for up to $440. The price of these bags, their aesthetics and their local origins make it quite a steal.

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