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InsideFMM | August 1, 2015

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Diesel + Foursquare: NYC Event This Saturday

Diesel USA Partners With Foursquare for the ultimate online-to-offline brand contest this Saturday in New York.

By now, many of you have seen or participated in Diesel’s FACES OF STUPID contest. Diesel’s full scale marketing campaign is comprised of a series of outdoor signage, twitter contests, blogger/brand partnerships and mobile apps sponsorships. The campaign’s been extremely effective for building brand awareness and driving sales.

Now Diesel’s taking their campaign to the next level with the fashion industry’s location-based social network of choice – Foursquare.

Until now, Foursquare has limited its “deal” capabilities to dining establishments, coffee shops and lounges. Recently, they began exploring retail partnerships when Foursquare partnered with Marc Jacobs during New York Fashion Week. Foursquare and Diesel are exploring how effectively location-based services can be used to drive online fans and customers offline into retail stores.

This Saturday kicks off the Diesel/Foursquare program at a Diesel Store in New York.

How To Get Your Diesel Foursquare Deal

  • Every time a Foursquare user within 3 city blocks of the Diesel store “checks in”, they will be alerted to a “nearby deal.”
  • The offer will say “Head over to the Diesel store to unlock your Foursquare deal”.
  • Representatives from Iced Media (Diesel’s digital marketing agency) will be on hand at Diesel’s “Foursquare” check-in booth to award people with a special prize.

Can You Imagine Checking In From Exotic Locations?

Here’s where the program gets good:

  • While they are in store, customers canĀ  pick up a BE STUPID sticker.
  • Customers then return home and take a photo of sticker on their forehead.
  • They then email the photo to BESTUPID@DIESELCONTEST.COM.
  • Customers then receive an auto-reply with an entry form asking them to share their most STUPID story.

The prizes are crazy! In addition to the Diesel Foursquare deal, participants that go one step further and photograph themselves with the BE STUPID sticker can win of five trips!

  1. Swim with sharks off South Africa
  2. Ride a motorcycle across Europe
  3. Fly in zero gravity in Las Vegas
  4. Take a train through Mongolia
  5. Cut a record in Jamaica

I must say, DIESEL loves their customers!


  1. This is really exciting – I recently spent a weekend with a friend from NYC and it's amazing how integrated and awesome FourSquare is to her daily experience – and how behind the times we are in San Diego. I can tell you, checking in (and shopping!) would be about a thousand percent better if it included a chance to win any of the above trips – and I love how it makes life a bit more like a game – without the pink and blue sticks in the car, of course!

  2. I am relatively impressed. When BE STUPID first came out, they tried the online video submissions, which I knew wasn't going to be successful. Honestly, the concept was too vague and submitting videos just has too many barriers. It was no wonder DIESEL quickly just seeded their own videos on YouTube as responses to the original BE STUPID video.

    Now, I'm glad to see DIESEL is following suit on better executed digital. This new competition is simpler, gets people in stores, and connects well with the target. I happened to be one of the new fans and checked in on Foursquare at DIESEL to get my shirt. It was fun, and I did a little video for the rep. If the weather was better this weekend in New York, I bet it would have been even better.

    Will definitely be writing about my experience and join the sticker competition. I think it is worth mentioning.

  3. LostInCheeseland

    I wasn't sure about the ads when they first launched (they're all over Paris as well) but I think this initiative to get their clients involved is a wise and strategic one. I agree with Len Yeh that video submissions entail too much work. Most people aren't going to go out of their way to enter a brand contest so the easier the guidelines the better. This is a fun way to get people involved and I'm interested to see how it unfolds!

  4. Crosby, you can go to any Diesel store listed on the site and get the sticker, that promotion carries over. We're going tomorrow. Should I get one for you :)

  5. I agree, brands have a hard time getting people to submit video, even if the incentive is right ($100K). If I were a videographer, I'd look for branded contests and build my reel around it! Money and prestige. Coolness.

    On a serious note, the campaign was redirected in excellent fashion. Please send a link to your sticker entry, we'd love to see it and support you.

  6. Lindsey – I agree, I can't wait to see the results of the Diesel STUPID campaign. See you in Paris in Septembre – Oui?

  7. do you even have to ask? yes please!

  8. LostInCheeseland


  9. I will definitely send my entry over once I submit (haven't had time to take the picture, etc.).My excitement keeps growing about the prizes–I almost don't want anyone to participate so I have a better chance of winning.

    On the subject of video submissions…here's another sad example from BCBG that no one's going to participate in. Even worse than most examples I've seen, simply because I almost see no value. I think a girl's time might be better spent doing a facebook quiz. See:

  10. My FACES OF STUPID submission is in and approved! Vote for me by searching this code: ZA5TSNRN


  11. We voted, we voted. Uh-oh! Hotness!

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