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InsideFMM | August 3, 2015

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Fashion Marketing & PR Links

From Hollywood, Twitter and Diddy to the corner of 39th & Broadway, here are a few articles (and all their comments) worth reading.

LA Weekly: Is All Hollywood A Bitch in Twitter “Sex Tape” or Just P. Diddy? – Alexia Tsotsis

Espree Devora: Zappos & Zappos Live: The Secret’s in the Sauce. – Did you know that Zappos actually has a dedicated B2B forum for entrepenuers?

39th & Broadway: East Coast & West Coast Turf Wars: Does LA Need A Fashion Week? – No, this isn’t Biggie vs. Tupac, but it’s the must read of the week.

PR Couture: Social Media + The Future of Fashion – Web 2.0 has altered the ways brands market their products, is yours ready?

PR Couture: Fashion Bloggers & Free Samples – I love the concept of blogger consideration forms and the candid responses to what designers consider to be a professional standards for fashion bloggers.

Black Book: Teen Fashion Blogger To Design For Urban Outfitters – I’ve been saying take it to your customers for years.; you’d be amazed at what comes back. Case and point, the jewelry contests held by Rings & Things.

Diary of A Mad Fashionista: Twitter & My Plans For World Domination -  Make sure you don’t snort your morning espresso up your nose on this. Too cute!

Hubspot: Keyword Optimization: The Cure For Search Overload Syndrome – Yes, a little SEO understanding is good for everyone.

Pitch Engine: I Know I’m Write – Tailoring Your PR pitches (A story without an angle is a “non-story.”).

BKMacDaddy: An Alternative Way To Measure Social Media ROI – Happiness and fulfillment versus statistics and analytics, depends on the end goal.


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    Thank you so much for including not one but 2 PR Couture articles, can’t wait to read the rest!


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